Sunday, February 10, 2008

2008 Is Going To Be Our Best Year

We've got so many different projects finally coming to fruition at the same time here at Vault-Co and chances are they will all be complete about the middle of this year. It is truly going to be legendary. Keep watching this website for the most exciting and interesting stuff you have ever seen for civil defense.


Neo Supertramp said...

I am interested in what your waste management systems will be in your shelter(s). You have posted lots of interesting stuff on some important components of your shelter but I am in the planning process for a shelter and the human waste methods I've read about in other shelters seem either very complicated and difficult to construct or too basic and likely to make everyone sick.

Texas Arcane said...

Inside the blast shelter is a chemical toilet and ten spare buckets. There is a swivel mounted pulley tower on the alternate hatch that can be used to haul this sealed waste bucket up for disposal, but I bought a sump pump to install there eventually to actually pump it out.

I have a composting toilet for the blast shelter originally but I will be moving this system into the new addition, Sparkgap, when it is completed. This toilet will have an exhaust valve of it's own and a drain too inside Sparkgap so it may only be necessary to dump the dry compost inside once every six months - or it could be used in the Permaculture lab when that is finally built.

No matter if you use a chemical toilet or a composter, you have to force ventilate the air from it through a sealed pipe to the surface. Otherwise the gases released by decomposition can make the air unbearable or even lethal. Most composters have at least a 50mm exhaust, about half the chemical toilets do.