Saturday, January 26, 2008

You couldn't get it more wrong than global warming

Global warming is what happens when you take all the brains away and fill in the empty hollow with cappuccino froth. If you pump a few marshmallows in there you get a carbon credit trading scheme. Add some chocolate sprinkles and soon you'll be convinced that it's all a result of decomposing baby nappies and incandescent light bulbs. It's not until you put a foam spinner in there and run it at high speed that you will feel certainty that Al Gore deserved a Nobel Prize for all of this.

Al Gore's Son Goes Green In A Fuel Efficient Car


Anonymous said...

good story, thought you'd like it.

Sirius said...

Every planet in the solar system has been getting hotter, not just Earth. It's a natural cycle that's been blown way out of proportion.

Maybe somebody should let Al Gore know that little ball of fire in the sky doesn't remain at a constant temperature. It fluctuates.