Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Who was John Titor?

The Hadron Collider is going into service just like John Titor said it would. Looked for a while like it might be shut down, funding is being cut for colliders all over the West for a variety of reasons.

Watch Hillary Clinton in this election. It looks to be impossible for her to win. Impossible. If she turns it all around in a miracle and wins the nomination, then the Presidency, what will your appraisal of the strange case of "John Titor" be? I know what mine will be.

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Almost on the verge of dropping out of the race altogether last week because of her ailing campaign funds and poor showing in the polls, Hillary Clinton staged a miracle comeback a few hours after this post was blogged in the New Hampshire Caucuses.



Chesterton said...

Impossible? She was the national front runner by a fairly large margin only a month ago. The Titor story has been debunked a hundred times over, including in a comment I posted in response to your last entry about him. Well, here's some more to consider:

According to Titor there are infinite timelines and thus infinite possibilities. These are his own words. If time travel is possible, there is a timeline in which Titor left his universe and arrived in ours c. November 2000. Also, since there are infinite possibilites, there is another timeline in which another John Titor arrived here, in this timeline, a month later than Titor #1. And two months later, five weeks later, nine days later, four minutes later, five seconds later, etc.

If there are infinite possibilities and travel between timelines is possible, then the sky ought to be filled with John Titors. Where are they?

CadorBolin said...

John Titor's predictions have both been spot on and way off. There was no civil war in 2004, the Olympics weren't cancelled in 2006. But he was very sublime about the social and political future of Amerikwa, and he's not too far regarding his technological predictions.

That being said, if I was an "insider" or a real time traveler who posted stuff on the internet, I would probably give some accurate predictions, some accurate ones with incorrect dates and about 30% of them being totally false and way off. The reason? I wouldn't want to risk myself (or someone close to me) getting tracked down.

Hillary just won the New Hampshire primary (along with McCain) despite being several points behind in the pre-election and exit polls. Drudge and New Republic published hit pieces on Ron Paul for the "racist" things he had written in his newsletter 15 years ago. They don't need to physically assassinate him--there is just simply no way in hell that a true patriot can achieve electoral success in Amerikwa, even if he frames his arguments in the most politically correct manner.

Amerikwan politics is now just a sideshow with leftist jew puppets (Democrats) VS rightist Zionist neocons (Republicans). The latter is the "least evil" only because they'll throw the occasional bone to social conservatives when they get a bit too agitated.

Anonymous said...

Titor never EVER mentioned the Hadron Collider.


chris said...

Titor mentioned CERN and particle accelerators together many times, even describing some of the results from experiments after the "big machine" goes online.

Anonymous said...

"Almost on the verge of dropping out of the race" ? Wtf?

She lost 1 lousy primary. By your logic Ron Paul should have quit.


Particle accelerators are a sciene fiction standard. "Hadron" was NOT mentioned.

Vault-co does not believe in aliens yet time travel and alternate realities is possible. Sometimes I wonder just how far on the fringe this site is.


Texas Arcane said...

Read John Titor carefully. It sounds like you are referring to something you heard secondhand. Read his correspondence.

Anonymous said...

I read it.

It's fiction, all of it.


west_ said...

I cant find a reference to a female president in the Titor archives.

can someone point me to that?

west_ said...

I can't find the Titor reference to a female president.

Can someone point me to that?


chris said...

You're right, he never mentioned its exact name. Thorough debunking! This is the only collider CERN is working on, yet the two piece puzzle continues to stump people. The collider's completion is as much fiction as it is a prophecy, which is to say it's neither since it was being built while Titor was still around. The results are the real prediction. I agree with one of Tex's original assessments, that this guy's just "one cluey bastard".

Texas Arcane said...

Somebody asked something about the President in 2008 as a theoretical question using the male gender "he" in a sentence and Titor immediately shot back with "What makes you assume it is a he?" and then he rolled right into his next idea as though that was a settled matter beyond dispute that the President was female in 2008.

I know, it sounds thin. Except all of his writing has a kind of confidence that sounds exactly like the way you would write if you were speaking to people who, from your perspective, were all long dead, almost ghosts. Titor speaks with a quiet, genteel contempt in his voice, very well controlled and concealed, that is exactly how you might expect somebody from 2036 to talk to people who are regarded as long gone faceless and worthless jackasses in your own era. The unpeople who died in the third world war. Nobody missed most of 'em. Reading the replies to John Titor gives you some kind of idea why that might be, because whoever Titor was he was superior in almost every regard when it came to basic spelling, grammar and composition. The contrast with his Gen-X interrogators, barely even human beings, is marked.

How'd he stay in perfect character for so long? All of the other people ever claiming to be time travelers on the Internet invariably slip up in the first few paragraphs and you see immediately that they are not only a fraud but an embarrassingly bad fraud. They simply don't have high enough native intelligence to fake correspondence from the year 2036.

Then there is something else. Maybe you'd figure Titor for an academic hoaxer - highly unlikely, nobody who graduated from a college would ever write and speak that well. There's this erudite but otherwise very hardened flavor to his writing that is characteristic of a kind of person most of you have never met - the citizen soldier. This is a person who would apologize to you very graciously before then shooting you in cold blood without feeling the least bit of guilt about it. Most Gen-Xers would figure the guy for a sissy because they are too stupid to know when they are dealing with somebody very well spoken and otherwise extremely dangerous. They have no experience of such things - all the dangerous people they have ever seen are mainly dangerous as a result of being so stupid and having poor character to begin with. The stoic ideological guerilla is a kind of personality none of them has ever met or even seen in a movie.

I have not made up my mind about this guy yet. We'll watch and see. I reckon we will know very soon.

Anonymous said...

Tex, again you have nailed it!
Titor is a complete hoax, but your analisys is spot on. The ass-backward population of this benighted country have no experience with a polite but cruelly comitted citizen patriot.
Any fool can admire a split personality loser like Tyler Durden of "Fight Club" fame for taking action without a plan to replace the the modern with something better, and blindly follow them to oblivion. Insert your own George Bush joke here.
A better example to emulate by far would be Verbal Kent from "The Usual Suspects". Outwardly seeming to be a crippled, dissembling, hanger-on, but in reality the criminal mastermind pulling invisible strings, and executing a well thought out multilayered plan.
He shot the only member of his team to survive the assault on that ship, then improvised his way out of Police custody with a convincing pack of lies slick as a whistle. Good scriptwriting that.
Bad Dad

Texas Arcane said...

Four impressions I got of "John Titor" from his writing style and expression alone:

1. This is a person used to taking and giving orders, not as a career soldier in a peacetime army but in a guerilla army.

2. This person had a completely different kind of life growing up and a different education than anything that any of his interrogators could comprehend. Most of them had trouble understanding Titor's replies for this reason. Very little common context to even talk about. Titor ends up running a monologue because the people he is speaking to are not even well educated enough to speak with him.

3. This person is either two things : a sociopath or a man from the future. He speaks to his audience the way you would talk to museum exhibits. Why doesn't he seem to be willing to take any bait from the usual trolls? Maybe because from his point of view, all these people have been dead for thirty years.

4. This guy may have killed a lot of people. Not in anger or even in self-defense. As a duty.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on all accounts.
When I read what "John" wrote, it reminds me of two men I had the good fortune to know in the late Eighties. Both flawed, yet imminently likable, if you stayed on thier good side.
"Charley" was a career soldier who served three tours in 'Nam as a company Commander, also ten years in the Berets, seven as an instructor. Friendly, affable, generous to a fault, but instantly lethal when aroused.
"Patrick" was an entirely different fish. After an introductary period where he could gauge your mindset, Usually after many hours of wargaming, he would gladly share pictures of himself at leisure in a Salvadorian rebel camp. If you were stupid enough to casually insult him, or his family by inference, may God have mercy on you, for a grenade cometh.
Bad Dad