Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What is America's Future?

Are they going back to the moon to harvest Helium-3?

Will they ply the stars using gravity wells to accelerate their spaceships?

Vast super metropolises full of hovercraft whizzing around on levitation pods?

Clean pure air from fusion power?

A cure for cancer? Immortality? Personal flight rocket belts?

If you want to know where Amerikwa is headed, watch this short video about a leprechaun.

Link to YouTube Video

The wind will howl. Crows will fight over leathery strips of skin peeled from bleached skulls. The sun will glow red and then vanish behind the silhouettes of ruined girders and stone rubble, bringing on the long shadows and a night that never ends.


M. Simon said...

Fusion may be closer than you think:

Bussard Fusion Reactor
Easy Low Cost No Radiation Fusion

It has been funded:

Bussard Fusion Reactor Funded
Bussard Fusion Update

The above reactor can burn Deuterium which is very abundant and produces lots of neutrons or it can burn a mixture of Hydrogen and abundant Boron 11 which does not.

The implication of it is that we will know in 6 to 9 months if the small reactors of that design are feasible.

If they are we could have fusion plants generating electricity in 10 years or less depending on how much we want to spend to compress the time frame. A much better investment than CO2 sequestration.

BTW Bussard is not the only thing going on in IEC. There are a few government programs at Los Alamos National Laboratory, MIT, the University of Wisconsin and at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana among others.

The Japanese and Australians also have programs.

If you want to get deeper into the technology visit:

IEC Fusion Technology blog

Start with the sidebar which has links to tutorials and other stuff.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but a nice one for the "everything you know is a damn lie" category:


chris said...

These people make Idiocracy look like a prequel. I loved how the camera man snuck the "DEAD END" sign in frame when interviewing the arithmetic master, the one who got his voodoo flute "thousands of years ago from his great great grandfather." I'm a little surprised they took the reporter seriously though, since he talked like a fag.

Anonymous said...

m. simon thats great. The romans had waterwheels when they fell. They didnt use them. If somebody can find some peopel to use your fusion reactors we should be okay. looks like they'll all be busy digging for leprechuan gold instead ...

If we lost all our infrastructure wed have no problems cuz wed just rebuild it all in 10 years. If we lost our best genetic stock there'd be nobody to rebuild. People that see leprachauns in trees wont' be making fusion reactors work. wake up before its too late.