Monday, January 28, 2008

VOTE FRAUD : Caught Redhanded in New Hampshire

(YouTube Link)

New Hampshire Secretary of State caught running a vote-rigging scam on video - votes left in unsecure building found unlocked in the morning with a box of "seals" handily opened to allow the team that entered during the night to reseal the boxes.

Check out the look on that dude's face. That's what you look like when you are a mere asset.

I don't want to call Amerikwa a third world country. Cuz most third world countries have higher standards for ballot security.

What an embarrassing lot of treasonous oafs.

It's shockingly stupid stuff, like a Third World convention on UFO abduction. The fraud is so amateurishly done it is plain on the surface to anyone involved that these votes are designed to be tampered with overnight at the stored location.

Treason is not treason if it succeeds and the traitors achieve power

When the ballot box stops working, the bullet box gets opened. This is why Vault-Co predicts civil war in Amerikwa in the near future.

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