Sunday, January 6, 2008

Vault-Co Said It First in 2001 : Get Ready For Ice Age II, Itz Coming

The most prestigious and respected authority on climate in the United States has predicted we are entering a new Ice Age because of easily detected and obvious changes in the output and surface of the Sun.

UPDATE: So simple, even the mediavitzim are starting to get it

There are people freezing to death in Mexico

California Mountains under 5 feet of snow with more on the way

It appears this entire winter is just one big nonstop storm

Eastern Europe paralyzed by deadly winter onslaught

Britain doesn't know what cold is ... yet!

India is in front of a bonfire to stave off death by freezing

The earth has not stopped shaking since the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004

All preliminaries.

There is still something they don't understand, after all this time, that we do here on Vault-Co.

Before we get to that Ice Age, we have to go through the transitional period.

That's beginning right now. It will culminate with the solar maximum of the coming cycle in 2012. Everything so far is just prologue to what is coming.

Imagine what is going to happen during the next four years and then the four years following.

It's going to get interesting here on Planet Earth. Look around you right now.

Everything is set to a hair trigger to blow. I mean, everything.

Resource conflicts and shortages. Massive demographic changes in formerly stable societies. Enormous irresolvable tensions between the West and China, NATO and Russia. Incredibly poor leadership guaranteed. Proliferation and destabilization of nearly all former balances in military weaponry. Space based nuclear conflict. Pending pandemics for a dozen kinds of pathologies. The food production system and agricultural supply chain seems customized to collapse at the earliest crisis point of which there are dozens appearing.

The planet is a gigantic pile of wet, waxy dripping old dynamite about a thousand stories tall. Our "leaders" are taking turns throwing glowing cigarette butts into that pile.

What do you expect to happen?


Anonymous said...

Your (somewhat maniacal) ramblings about a coming Ice Age are starting to convince me. Check this out:

Apart from the climate I completely agree with you that the world is just one big clusterfuck waiting to happen.


Anonymous said...

It's WINTER! All of the stores except the ones about Mexico and India are normal weather for the northern hemisphere!

Get out of your shelter and buy a calender!

Ice Cream Soldier said...

Hey Tex

Anonymous said...

Anonymous got a point there.


Anonymous said...

Re the second comment. A continuation of normal events PLUS the weird ones in Mexico and India are hardly convincing arguments for global warming,dontcha think?

Anonymous said...

Texas Arcane said...

This guy will be clawing desperately on the inside of a glacier and still arguing it's just confirmation bias.