Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shake Dat Moneymaker, Beeyotch

Citibank and Merrill Lynch sold to foreign owners and re-emerge on street in fishnet nylons and purple lipstick trying to score some johns, fast. You got 'til nightfall, beeyotch, when I comes bakk dis wey yo sho' betta haf dat damm monee. I ain't playin' ho, you needs to pony up or I will owns dat ass!

Where Amerikwa is going, there ain't no coming back from. It's forever.


Anonymous said...

Guess what, more taxcuts!

This is fiscal madness!


CadorBolin said...

Gold just hit $900 an ounce--it is still grossly undervalued in my opinion.

My prediction is that the 'kwa will use hyperinflation to make their debts worthless. Of course, that means that the US$ will also be worth less than "toilet paper".