Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Russia Wants A Piece of The Fight When It Comes

The Russians are making so many right moves over the past ten years it is evidence of incredible leadership by Putin. A lesser man would've left Russia as an international doormat for the West to wipe it's feet on by now, which is what they had planned for it originally.

Right around the time America made an enemy out of Venezuela, Russia made them a good friend.

Russia and China have tied up the oil fields of the world. It's a virtual shut-out.

In the next ten years, America can fight for oil or switch to alternative sources of energy. Vault-Co says those that think America, porn capital of the planet, is going to conduct a peaceful energy revolution that changes their nation's dependency on foreign oil are living a dream. America can't even fix the potholes in it's streets or keep the bridges from falling down. The U.S. is going to fight because it is the only option it has left. It will fight desperately the way a drowning man will claw for the surface. There won't be any strategic sense to it. It will be all-out and completely unrestrained.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if the USA tries to annex the canadian oil-sands, will the canadians allign themselves with Russia?