Friday, January 18, 2008

The Rod Of Iron : The Beast's Currency

Will end in rivers of blood as do all utopian ideologies.

There was not much wrong with the world we had. What was wrong was not easily fixed and certainly not by these means anyhow.

The final credit card will be implanted in children at birth.

Youtube link to show how they plan to merge three continents into one big slave plantation

Treason most foul ... but none dare call it treason ... when treason succeeds.

(Youtube) They look like us. They imitate us and our mannerisms. They're not us. In a perverse role reversal, the neoclones claim they are the real humans and the real humans are fake.

(Youtube) Buchanan says as much as is permitted in the mainstream

The neocons are really leading the charge worldwide to destroy one particular group of people, the smallest minority on Earth. Why? What is it about this tiny race of men that irks them so? Is it because they look and act like the real children of God? Who are the sons of Adam? (Youtube) They're not "cool" or "hip" like all the other races. Just made in the image of the Creator, is all. Judge them by their fruits. If the other races are so grand, why is it they always want to move away from their own nations and live beside the nerds of the human race? Does that make any sense, what with them being so "uncool" and what have you? Statistics show most of 'em are not even completing colleges at all, deferring to women and other privileged ethnic groups. How do they keep doing all this on their own, constantly innovating and inventing beyond the capacity that you would think ordinary human beings would be limited to?

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