Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Peak Oil" Is Peak Baloney. It's Peak Demand.

Record profits. Profits. That means they are paying about the same prices they always did for oil at the source, they're just socking it to you at the pump.

"Peak oil" is the biggest scam in history second only to global warming. It's really about Peak Demand and the failure of Western societies to keep their supply lines open to oil producers. Nowadays South America, the Middle East, Russia and many other nations have lots and lots of oil ... they just aren't selling it to us. They're selling it to China and soon India. By the time they are done consolidating their customers in both those nations, most people in the West will probably be riding bicycles.

So Western governments are not just screwing you coming. They are screwing you going. They are blaming their unbelievable diplomatic and economic screwups on a shortage of dinosaur bones and rotting ferns. Then they are taxing you extra for the misfortune that they created.

Funny how gas was hitting all-time lows just before the fake flag on 9-11. There's another reason worth megatrillions to fool the American people into thinking they were attacked with anthrax and box cutters. Everybody gets richer as a result, including Shell, except for you.


trueaim said...

Yep, you need fuel and fire in a frozen wasteland under dark skies Time to stock up on some of that black gold, marvellous stuff that black sludge, just imagine what one barrel will cost Bill and Betty in the not to distant icy future, well pobably their lives!

CadorBolin said...

I think your analysis is very sublime on other matters, but you are wrong on 'peak oil'--if it was baloney, it's certainly not something that is pushed by the mainstream media. It's biggest proponents are a bunch of Gen-X internet nerds who still live with their parents.

We are on the cusp of several crises coming to a head--suicidal multiculturalism, global cooling and declining energy production. I expect nothing less than the mother of all bongo parties.

The modern infrastructure and transportation has turned european man into a bunch of frappucino sipping, limp-wristed metrosexuals. It's time for nature to take it's course and to cull most of the genetic defects that are now the majority.

If 'peak oil' is a scam that was engineered by the globalists, then they're shooting themselves in the foot as they are destroying the infrastructure that enables their utopian designs.

Peak oil brings an end to all of that--especially the modern consumer unit society that you have railed against.

Dr. Richard said...

The massive profits of Shell, Exxon, and other big oil companies are the result of milking their asset bases and massively cutting back on people and investment (both Exploration & Production and refining) at the same time peak oil is starting to drive up oil prices. Fundamentally, they don't have enough new fields and projects to develop. Big oil controls less than 15% of the world's oil and their holdings are in the areas where there has been the greatest depletion (e.g. US; North Sea).

Sirius said...

...and to think we refuse to drill in Alaska because environmentalist nut jobs think it might displace a few animals...

These are the same people who prevent us from building any more nuclear power plants, while countries that aren't handicapped by complete morons go full speed ahead.

Where has all of our strength gone? There are very few people worth a damn here in America anymore.