Thursday, January 24, 2008

Keep Watching For The Zombie Horde

They'll be here soon enough. Thanks to effective new advanced technology, they'll probably be fast zombies, of course. The really scary kind.

More helter-skelter mucking around with forces the likes of which these scientists cannot possibly understand or control.

Remember, our generation still believes that eating fat makes you fat and that decomposing baby nappies can cause climate change. We're in the friggin' stone age in terms of our scientific understanding.

This happens a lot in software development. A newbie notices that by making tiny changes in a program they in all likelihood will never understand, they can produce dramatic changes in the interface or behaviors of the program when it runs. It's like a busy box to them that compels them to tinker further with it until they crash it or cause it to run really aberrantly. Eventually the program is corrupted so badly it begins to display critical faults and showstopping errors.

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Sirius said...

haha, I urge you to watch the movie 'idiocracy'

It touches on this subject.