Wednesday, January 16, 2008

John Titor Was Right : Hillary Will Win In 2008

Ron Paul? Thank God they have arrived at a universal consensus to completely block his name, likeness, reference or arguments from all mass media globally without exception. In doing so they have basically saved the man's life. I love Ron Paul, I think he is a truly righteous child of God and there is no way that toxic sewer is worth sacrificing someone like him just to make a point. Ron Paul is not permitted as a legitimate candidate. Foreigners count the votes in Amerikwa and Ron Paul's ballots get dumped in the nearest river.

What are the odds that John Titor would know in 2001 that Hillary would be the first female President in 2008? Given that polls had previously shown that at least 50% of the population would never, ever vote for her under any circumstances ... how could he have known that? If he was simply a hoaxer good at predicting the future, why would he chide the first person who used the word "he" to ask a question about the Presidency in 2008? Wouldn't that be pretty dumb to stake yourself on the assumption that the first female in American history would ascend the throne eight years later?

Originally, this was one the reasons I dismissed John Titor for several years, because I knew for a fact that no matter what happened, there was no way Hillary Clinton would ever be President. That was a left wing fantasy that the numbers said was impossible. Obviously, Titor was a clever fake. At least that is what I believed for a long time.

I am on the verge of believing John Titor was who he said he was. Based on one word in one sentence in one of his posts. Two letters hinging for me on whether or not he was authentic. If those two letters are looked at alongside everything else he wrote, a really big picture starts to emerge. Nobody could get so many things right in the first quarter of 2001. At that time America was on top of the world, the economy was sailing, blue skies forever and ever without end. Except for the occasional crank like me, there was nobody who believed the future was going to be something completely different.

I'd say you could not have gotten 100-to-1 odds from a bookie in 2001 that Hillary Clinton would win in 2008. It was nearly as crazy as everything else he wrote.


Patriot said...

If the presidency was just going to be handballed between the Bush's and the Clinton's for ever & ever, first class Punch & Judy act that they are, do you really suppose this hadn't been years in the works?

You can't overlook the absence of any kind of civil war developing from the 2004 election. There ought to have been. The public apathy probably suprised the 'Titor' crew as much as anybody.

Look, you lost our John Titor bet over three years ago - you still owe me five bucks. I don't accept cheque or Diners Club.

Anonymous said...

Oh not Titor, again.

Hillary has always been a possible candidate for the Dem's. Here husband was one of the most popular presidents after all.

A lot of people 'predicted' she has a good chance to become president.

BTW, she hasnt won anything yet.


Texas Arcane said...

I am willing to consider that "John Titor" was a high level insider who knew, among other things, that Hillary's backers had already made up their minds she was going to be President. This might well be the secret of his "prophetic" powers.

Anonymous said...

One of many things that bug me about the Titor story is that it sounds like an american doomers wet dream.

Think about it. Nuclear war destroys the cities filled with godless citizens and corrupt politicians while the honest godfearing christian country folk survive. And not only do they survive but actually thrive enough to build, maintain and operate a time-machine.

I WISH it were true though. Because then I get what makes this story so popular; a timeline for when TSHTF.


Ice Cream Soldier said...

Titor is a science fiction relic circa 1950's. Somebody read a lot of the old Asimov of the 50's and 60's. You cannot travel in time.

You may observe, through a telescope, what was occurring in the Universe, or beyond, millions of years ago but that is only because of the speed of light.

A simple read of Asimov's 'End of Time' will show where the premise for this came from. If nothing else it was one hell of an entertaining read.

You, sir, have penetrated the minor happenings enough to predict numerous major occurrences for years. Have you traveled back in time? No. You simply observed what was happening and extrapolated having learned from history, and possibly just taking a good educated guess.

This John Titor thing is fun but not real. You cannot physically move backwards in time nor can you remove an object from the past to the future which would not have already been in the future anyway.

I've been a Science Fiction addict since I was 13. I've gotten quite a kick out of the Titor pages.

Anonymous said...

Time travel impossible? See Scalar Electrodynamics. I wouldn't rule out the possibility.

Anonymous said...

i was a art bell fan in the 90's and remember his fasination with time travel that lead to john titor contacting art. over the past ten years i have went from thinking time travel was a fantastic idea and a good sci fi line to my present belief that it is 99.9% truly real. the 'science' of what john told was the thing that got me to about 98% on my believing, but of late the things in tibet with the chinnese is the clincher...john said that there would be no olympics after 2004, and even now in march i can see the possibility that the olympics could be canciled.

Anonymous said...

I felt compelled to write when I read about the Olympics....China earthquake.....May 2008.
I am not a believer about the John Titor story,but somethings are in the making of what it said years ago.

Anonymous said...

That Prediction went WRONG!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

But maybe in his universe, Hilary did win, while Hilary didn't in our universe. Realty is manipulated by the past, and his past and our past can be very different, thus split into many different outcomes already. Who knows. You know "split universe" and "time travel"..wikipedia..I mean he can totally be a hoax, but his intention is unknown you see. Maybe he had too much time in hand.Just maybe. By the way where the hell is John Titor now?

Anonymous said...

LOL Hillary who? Wrong again.

Anonymous said...

Don't you guys feel dumb.

Anonymous said...

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