Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Not Warming That China Is Worried About

Cold weather is so much menacing and brutal than the fantasy world of globowarmthink.

The Chinese are saying they have never before seen a winter like this one. It's apocryphal.

Cold burns. It silences. It buries. It inundates. It smothers. It snuffs out. It is implacable. It is relentless. Most human social structures are powerless before it.

China terrified of fuel shortages for 1.5 billion people in the snow

Resource conflicts : 1.5 billion razor-smart Asians Vs. 250 million Western pornographers

Who do you think is going to fight like they mean it, to win? They've already cemented permanent relationships with nearly every major oil producer in the world. Underestimating the Chinese mind is a fatal mistake that Vault-Co predicts is suicidal for the West. The average inhabitant of the Western world has gone so soft in the head they sound like Liberace on estrogen drugs.

Think oil is worth fighting for now? Vault-Co predicted all of this. Robert Felix is the one that got it spot on, however. We'll be fighting in the streets for food and fuel before the ice age finishes our civilization off.

Snow storms strand a quarter million Chinese at rail stations

The train should be along in a week or so

China issues red alert about record snowstorms ... even worse is forecast soon

How long has Gore's idiot army been lying to us?

They were telling us for ten years that both icecaps were melting. That is a damned lie. It's a triple damned lie. It's such an absurd and boldfaced lie it warrants classifying it as one of the most shamelessly deceitful lies in the history of mankind.

Were you aware that every time Gore's druid cult has scheduled an expedition to Antarctica to phony up some evidence of this "warming," that they have had to call it off because the expedition team could not take the extraordinary cold that is now a permanent feature of Antarctica? Several times, globawarmthinkers nearly died from the cold that is down there.


CadorBolin said...

The upside of the coming ice age is that it will throw a monkeywrench in globalist multiculti utopian plans for the northern hemisphere.

What will happen to the global economy if most of the infrastructure of the Western world is written off as unsustainable because of increasing demand for the dwindling natural gas supply?

Anonymous said...

cadorbolin posted:

"The upside of the coming ice age is that it will throw a monkeywrench in globalist... plans"

Quite correct. To which I would add that it is also the upside to the coming economic collapse, as well as the coming oilcrash. It is in fact the upside to every component of the "Long Emergency", except all out nuclear war. Even the bogus wars the neocons started, have this upside because they're training Whites to fight together and shoot-to-kill (front-line combat troops in the US forces are almost all White with some mestizos).

If I did not see this so clearly, I'd be as depressed about the future of the West as the majority of the posters on Amren are. But it is clear to me that most of the pathologies now afflicting the West are going to be cut off at the knees by an of global catastrophe. Truly, it is a source of Great Hope to me as I make my own preparations....


trueaim said...

After spending 3 months in China, I learnt much of the Chinese psyche
and their history, what is often misunderstood about the Chinese is that they have a very long history of considering non - Chinese people sub-human, and they are still stinging from the destruction they suffered during the Opium Wars plus the western introduced Communism which reaked havoc on Chinese culture, this is a bad mix to put it lightly, the Chinese people now consider themselves at long last to be close or surpassing the Western powers, when the time is right the Chinese will be looking to exact revenge on us barbarians, unless you have something to trade and know how to Kow-Tow.
I myself have Chinese blood in my family and I can trace my lineage on my fathers side back to Marco Polo, I have a natural understanding of the Chinese people but I think your average six-pack western joe will be out of his depth and will greatly under estimate the sleeping giant of the Far East, as Napoleon pointed out "be careful not wake up China"