Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hugo Chavez Warns South America : Dump ZOGBux

Chavez knows that pretend money requires pretenders. Money backed by gold doesn't require "faith" in some abstract sophistry.

America goes up on auction block for highest bidder

Note that Dr. Ron Paul is the ONLY CANDIDATE who is a real human being, not a Thunderbirds wooden puppet carved out of teakle somewhere by AIPAC and sprinkled with shabbas goyim golem slave dust. Did you ever hear of "Barack Obama" before the preliminaries for this election campaign began? Neither did I. Every other person running for President is a manufactured media presentation. They all have the exact same politics. Only one is different.

A nation is only as good as it's leadership ... and in the end, every nation gets the leaders they deserve.

Last chance gas station, America. After Ron Paul you're headed straight out into the floor of Death Valley in a broken down VW Bug with a quarter tank of gas and a fan belt made out of shoelaces. You better make up your mind in a hurry because already that last stop is receding in your rear view mirror.


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