Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How To Build A Super Top Secret Bunker In Four Easy Steps - With Photos

It's amazing what people can do when they apply themselves. It really is. A single man in our day and age is regarded as helpless without force of numbers, when in fact nearly any damn thing that mankind ever achieved worth talking about was usually accomplished by one man working alone.

This guy sounds like he's not even in the physical shape needed to do this kind of work but just look at how far he got. Very, very impressive. Another couple of months he'd have something under there comparable to a Cold War L-4 installation. He could have gone to a 1200 square foot multi-level shelter with his available space and existing layout. That place would be awesome with a little more work.


Anonymous said...


Could have been more Top Secret though.

BTW I always wanted to ask you this.

Since everybody knows your Vault exists, arent you worried that when the shit is about the fan your bunker gets confiscated by the authorities?


kochevnik said...

Absolutely amazing. Read the guy's blog to see just how amazing.

If it was any other Oprah watcher in the world - they be in a nuthouse. This guy does incredible things with nothing.

Texas Arcane said...

Rzero -

I've worked a lot for the government at lots and lots of places as a consultant over the years. So I'm not too scared of them. They couldn't organize a bowel movement without a ten year feasibility study. If the government was anything but permanently confused they'd be a danger to themselves instead of everybody else. I worked on a project last year designed to track abusive parents to monitor child welfare. They spent around $140 million for something that looked like it was running in Turtle Basic on the Commodore 64. It could barely even display the menu without crashing much less track the locations and situations of abusive parents. About ten children have been murdered in Queensland since then as a direct result of the complete inability to keep even the simplest records on children.

What does scare me is some local little bureaucrat or bad cop who has seen my shelter registered with city council and gets ideas. Luckily in this event I will probably be in a far better position to defend than his offensive advantage which at that time will be a badge plated with gold flake worth about a dollar fifty.

I reckon an eight foot long turret mounted napalm cannon will even up the odds. Theoretically speaking, of course.

kochevnik said...


It's not impossible to build your own gun and load your own ammo. Here's a good resource for building your own AK:

Completely legal in the USA (and no govt paperwork either :). Probably not so legal in Q-Land.

Google "computer-assisted hunting" or "remote hunting".

Now use your imagination (and a lot of sweat and effort) to combine the prior two ideas and tell me what you come up with.

Considering the percentage of programmer geeks here, what I come up with is a poor man's version of the Terminator weapons.

Theoretically speaking, of course.

kochevnik said...

I don't think the secrecy thing is going to matter much from this point forward. There are two reasons for this - and you can laugh if you want to - but I know I'm right.

One, Ron Paul lost in NH. That means the last best hope of averting disaster by working from WITHIN the system in the USA is finished, burnt fucking toast. This means that the risk now of being 'discovered' is far less of a risk than not making the MAXIMUM preparations that you possibly can.

Second, the US economy is collapsing as we speak. We are CURRENTLY in the beginning stages of another Great Depression.

Don't believe me ? Just try and sell your house.

One of the key fallouts from this is going to be the IMPLOSION of the govt revenue base. Look, and listen to the giant sucking sounds already emanating from California and Florida.

A govt is like a living organism - it will do ANYTHING to survive. When the food (money) disappears, the org will start shedding useless appendages and pulling all it's many horns in. You won't have to worry about a lot of their plans for interference because they won't have the money to fund their Orwellian dreams.

Mark my words - the corner (at least for the USA) was turned January 8, 2008. When you're an old man, this you will understand.

Anonymous said...

"I reckon an eight foot long turret mounted napalm cannon will even up the odds. Theoretically speaking, of course."

Of course. Some theoretical claymores wouldnt hurt eiter :)


Texas Arcane said...

One costs ratio to consider is that ammo may be too valuable to waste on the average trespasser/looter. Eventually through attrition you could expend much ammo on people whose only real feature is they are too dumb to avoid an assault on your position, despite what I hope will be an effort of yours to discourage them with much passive deterrence.

Bullets are precious and expensive.

Used motor oil and a million other accelerants are easy to come by in the post-apocalyptic environment.

A bullet needs a man to aim it and it has to hit it's target. A 2 meter wide 30 meter stream of flaming napalm just has to be pointed in the right compass direction of the potential hazard.

It can burn outside like an oven hot enough to broil an armored car without you needing to expose yourself or fire a shot in self defense. Just light'em up and let it burn out. It's low tech too - everything can be manual/mechanical, like a cable operated barbecue spark coil to ignite your mixture. No electricity needed so not too much that can fail when you need it to work.

Anonymous said...

Tex, sometimes you scare me O_o


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and you can make your own fooze gas out of butane, molasas and gasoline...or is that napalm?

Anonymous said...

Dumbest shit I ever heard in my whole damn life - and I'm an old man who's seen a lot of dumb shit. But you survivalist wackjobs take the cake. If you put half as much time and energy into participating in our democracy as you do complaining about the goverment and fantadizinh about absurd apocalypse scenarios, we could solve all the world's problems in a week. You're nothing but a bunch of useless dropouts running away from real life. Nuts to you!