Sunday, January 27, 2008

How Many Previous Nuclear Wars?

Where were our ancestors 20,000 years ago?

Living in caves in bearskins by firelight?

What about 200,000 years ago? Barely walking erect with bones for clubs?

How'd we manage to custom genetically engineer ten thousand species of domesticated plants for food in less than 10,000 years during the interglacial? Why does the genetic evidence show that these plants were split off from their wild cousins more than 250,000 years ago in most cases? How come the evidence is that most domesticated dog breeds split with their wild ancestors around the same time as all of those plants? Why are cheetahs clearly the product of cloning technology, with any cheetah organ implantable into any other cheetah without tissue rejection? Why ... why ... why? There seem to be too many phenomenon at your finger tips to account for in one nice warm 11,500 year interglacial period. Did we really achieve all that in that short a time?

How many times have we done all this before? How many nuclear wars have we had on this planet and then forgotten everything afterwards?

You're probably thinking if there was any evidence for this you'd hear about it.

The reason you don't here about it is because people work really hard to see to it you don't hear about it, ever.

The evidence is littered all over the planet and is literally underfoot almost anywhere you look.

It's really hard not to see it. It's everywhere. Vault-Co says half the large craters on Earth attributed to "asteroids" are in fact more likely to be the scars of ancient nuclear war. Notice how the melted "green glass" is always concentrated around ancient cities, meaning the asteroids must have done aerial surveillance before they decided on what part of the Earth below to "randomly" strike when they fell from the sky.

Evidence of ancient civilizations as advanced or more advanced than ours are a threat to the authority of the State. It makes them seem much less consequential or all powerful if they are not the pinnacle of history as they like their subjects to believe.

Three things you should learn from all of this :

1. Nuclear war ain't all that and a bag of chips. It's actually a recurrent hazard on this planet.

2. Nuclear war is survivable. We're proof of it.

3. You're descended from some pretty tough customers. Hopefully you still show it. If they could survive, you can survive too - if you use the only real weapon you will ever have.


Uber Charity said...

Great articles, thanks. Vault-Co, as a Christ-follower, You probably ascribe to the gap-theory, am I right?

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