Saturday, January 26, 2008

History Channel Turns Into Raving 9-11 Truther!

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Whoa! Pretty heavy stuff!

It's one thing for this to be old news all over the internet for almost a decade, another thing entirely when Mom and Pops get the radical truth on their cable channel. I thought the entire anthrax incident was blanked from the public record, the way Soviets used to wipe out historical events with official State revisions.

The History channel admits the anthrax attack was an inside job.

Since the anthrax attacks were coordinated with the airplane collisions to strike fear into citizens everywhere, is it reasonable to ask ... ?

It's like WTC 7. It's impossible to look at that and claim it's a collapse from fire. Once you concede that WTC 7 is obviously a controlled demolition ... well ... where does that lead you?

I know the sheeple are not exactly rocket scientists but it baffles to think that even these simple deductions continue to elude them. Surely they can follow a mere two relational steps of logical consequences without losing their train of thought? I don't understand it sometimes.

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