Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year : Global Warming Is Bullsh*t

People are stupid. At some point, it isn't even worth discussing any more. I've gone off posting about global warming because I figure at this stage it's just not relevant to anything. Most of mankind is hopelessly damned and born dumb as donuts. I didn't make it that way and if it were up to me I'd make it different. That's just the way it is and it doesn't make me a bad person because I simply notice it.

It's like getting angry at some African guy who frequently points out that almost all government revenues end up getting stolen rather than paying for anything. He's not the bad guy just because he's one of the few Africans smart enough to notice that. He's the good guy, in fact. He's just outnumbered.

Stupid people label bitter sweet and sweet bitter. They lie about everything, constantly, then call it evidence of their edjumification. Nobody is a bad person for noticing this about most of mankind. That in itself is just another lie.


CadorBolin said...

Somewhere in the universe, God laughs.

Cyber Ninja said...

"Dumb as donuts"

LOL - I'm stealing that for future use.

:-) said...

Here is a 67 mg video about civil defence in the US. It's a 9 minute documentary that was on the final disc of the Jericho box set. I thought that you'd like it :-)