Thursday, January 24, 2008

Flouride : A Communist Mind Control Drug

If you want to know what flouride does to the human brain, walk into any retail store in the Western world and see if you can get correct change for a $10.05 purchase if you give the cashier a twenty dollar bill and a nickel. That's what it did to that generation of children.

Joseph McCarthy and The John Birch society and all the other radical communist fighting fronts of the 1950's were right. Flouride turns people into morons. Not just morons, but passive and submissive morons. They were right about Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. They were right about communist infiltration of the educational system, feminism and the "civil rights" movement. Time has demonstrated they were right about almost everything, the most radical suggestions they made being today the best documented assertions of them all.

Because of decades of propaganda, it is difficult to even raise this subject without sounding ridiculous. Privately, I really feel that this in combination with other effeminizers and endocrinal disruptors is responsible for turning the majority of the population of the West into these dopey, sluggish, glazed-eyed vegetables that we see today. There's no way that genetic degeneration alone could explain this phenomenon in just four generations. How did the keen minds of the children of the 1950's mutate into these brain-dead incoherent bodysnatchers of the year 2008? Genetic changes don't occur that rapidly or with those kinds of dramatic rollercoaster descents - only physical and biological corruptions during developmental years can explain something like that.

I was recently slumming over at the Survive2012 website forum (I got canned for making too much sense) and I am not being sarcastic or exaggerating when I say I was astounded at the intellectual caliber that was on display over there. Astounded. It was like being surrounded by grade schoolers raised by wolves. It was much worse than mere functional illiteracy or the general lack of rigor common to all Western people. This was almost like the Zen of dumb.


Chesterton said...

Just took a look at that forum. I had to close the browser window within 10 minutes because my sides were starting to hurt from uncontrollable laughter. Here's a choice quote for anyone who needs a good chuckle:

"That said, there are speculations that indicate fighting may not be something necessary for self defence post 2012. By all accounts the end of the world will equate to a mass spiritual awakening where the remaining inhabitants of the planet will instantly develop an all new connection to the universal source of everything. It is said our Pineal glands will kick in and our connectedness with life and all of humanity will be unlike anything we've ever experienced. In such a world the need for self defence against another human being would seem unnecessary. In researching the potential of this, it is quite possible if not probable based on the predictions of many, including Edgar Cayce."

Anonymous said...

You, banned from a website?
Never! ^-^


Chesterton said...

After looking through that forum some more today I've realized that the quote I posted above isn't even the tip of the iceberg. In fact, I'd consider it sane and analytical compared to the average post.

"I was thinking if i know of a big wave coming and there is no escape for me i plan to go into my washing machine and closing the doors then like 2 days later open it and see the new world"

Posted in their survival forum. Thank you for finding this comedy gold mine.

trueaim said...

I now use Bi-carb soda mixed with a herbal and mineral toothpaste, simple, but will be hard to undo 30 years of flouride abuse, if I ever get my hands on an Illuminati member, im gonna make them drink a litre of pure flouride, then watch them die!

Texas Arcane said...

The thing is, bi-carb is such an excellent toothpaste, even if flouride wasn't a deadly poison! I can't understand how flouride could win out in the free marketplace when bi-carb is cheaper and better in every way for cleaning your teeth. It leaves your breath fresh as well.

The other day I tried to buy a bicarbonate toothpaste for the kids, got it home and realized it had flouride in it in small letters on the back in the ingredients. You can't escape the brain damage. Even buying a packet of gum in the modern world means a choice between three or four chemicals designed to fry your neural cells like an omelet in your head.

I guess our rulers will sacrifice profit as long as they can rest assured anything we eat or put in our mouths will make us even stupider.

It's probably too late for me to undo whatever has been done to my brain but I wish there was someplace I could buy hygience products for my children that were not tailored to shave points off their IQ with every usage.

Chesterton said...

Tex, try I've been using this one for a while now and my teeth feel a lot healthier than when I was using fluoride-heavy toothpaste from the major companies:

They have a decent selection of fluoride-free toothpastes. I'd guess their other hygienic products are good too, but I've never tried any of them so I can't vouch for that.

2012Supplies said...

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Sirius said...

You were definitely the best poster on that forum. Instead of looking at real dangers like disease pandemics, nuclear war, asteroids, ect...

They're examining the alignment of the sun and the galaxy and waiting outside on rocking chairs with binoculars looking for Nibiru in the sky.

I've been getting quite a few warnings myself.

Sirius said...

I ceased drinking tap water many years ago because of this. Tap water actually contains small amounts of fluoride. I also switched toothpastes to a natural alternative.

Fluoride is poison. Taking small amounts of poison is still going to harm you. Your body only filters out approx ~50% of it, the other 50% remains in your body for most of your life. The more fluoride you put into your system the more buildup you will have.

Fluoride is an industrial by-product. Now they can make a great deal of money selling this industrial waste while the FDA turns their heads.

Oh. but it's good for your teeth.

Joseph Dantes said...

If you need toothpaste, you're eating the wrong foods.

Cavities are a disease of civilization.

My cavity count: 0.

Last time I brushed my teeth: ? 6 months ago ?