Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fiat Currency Meltdown in 2008

The paper dream is over, folks. Everybody but the people who introduced it against the better judgment of nations knows it, too. Paper currency is the thousandth rerun of the same old sad story of crooks'n'treasuries, repeated over and over again in history. It's run it's course and now it it is done, just like it always finishes, in a storm of worthless paper and the horror of runaway deflation.

All Amerikwa is being sold off at bargain basement prices to foreign carpetbaggers.

The whole country is being sold for firewood or landfill, no reasonable offer refused. Everything must go at rock bottom prices. Sheeple can be purchased with discounts for bulk quantities as sex slaves or cheap labor, on call 24 hours to serve your needs.

... bang. Just like that, Amerikwa goes up in a puff of smoke. If you blinked you'd have missed it. All that is left is a fragmented series of loosely aligned regions which continue to pretend they are under a single national flag. Otherwise, the United States is gone forever.

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