Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Era of Cheap Food Is Over

Globalism, the economic gift that keeps on giving.

First, economists said it is cheaper to get my citrus fruit from Paraguay than 300 meters down the street from where I live in Queensland. If anybody begged to differ, they'd use the magic supernatural phrase "free markets" which caused an ordinary person to clam up in awe at their impressive edjumification. This works on people who have never actually read anything about free markets and don't know what that phrase means or what the Austrian school was actually about. I've often inquired a bit more deeply with those touting globalism and discovered that not a single one of these useful idiots even knows who Hayek was.

Then, as it turned out, it's a hell of a lot more expensive. But, this too is good and "inevitable" and "economic." That's a scienmajific fact. In addition, apparently we will experience worldwide super famine and billions will die of hunger from this insane ponzi scheme. That too is good and only a non-edjumificated person would argue otherwise. It's all good.

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