Thursday, January 31, 2008

Enrichment Begins At Home

Just one drop of horror in the big bucket of nightmares that overflows in the multikult every single day of the year.

I was watching one of those reality video shows last night and I marveled over the spectacle of U.S. cops fighting a losing battle with fatal assumptions trying to police all the outrageous behaviors of the enrichment classes. There aren't enough cops in the world to keep up with it all.

Our biggest problem is our unconscious ability to make it look so easy to create a fantastic prosperous modern technologically advanced civilization ... followed by our unconscious projection of the qualities required to live in same upon those who simply do not have these qualities.

"Sure, it's easy," we insist, "You just need to ... you know ... let out your inner law abiding, rational naturally syntropic empathic personality! You must not be trying hard enough!" A lot of these people just stare at us incredulously, trying to figure out what it is that we think they should be doing by nature ... then they shrug, go out and rob a liquor store. You're asking for something that they can't give. What we have can't even be gifted to them. It's always only a matter of time before right here starts to look exactly like over there where they originate. There's nothing wrong with where they were. The only problem where they were is that they are a majority over there. Otherwise that place would be like here.

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andyboots37 said...

That makes sense.

One would think a person migrating to Canada and the US would be trying to escape oppressive religions and totalitarian governments.

Instead they import that culture of bondage into the west using the very freedoms our Chrisian heritage has afforded them and we rewrite our constitutions for them. Pure !@#$%^& insanity.

Oh well. It's like you're being punked-off for your seat on the Titanic.

No problem muhammad, I was just leaving:) She's aaaallll yours!!!

Jesus is THE ONLY WAY.

Acts 4:12

St. Andy B