Thursday, January 10, 2008

Does this really qualify as satire?

I don't think it does. I think it's the ultimate tongue-in-cheek article from The Onion.

HR-1955 Passed (YouTube link) Last Patriot Be Sure To Turn Out The Lights

I don't need to go around congratulating myself for seeing it 16 years in advance and taking appropriate evasive action ... but there you have it.

Word in the underground is that Citibank is about to fail. That's the equivalent of the Bank Of England failing for Britain. There is some indication that there may be an attempt to freeze withdrawals or account closures by the Federal government. It's just a rumor I heard.

Widespread evidence of election fraud in New Hampshire - Ron Paul "Voteless?"

George Bush Sr. Won In New Hampshire long ago with the help of Diebold

Vote fraud already confirmed in many places by naked confession

Ron Paul fails to get even 1% in the state with the motto "Live Free Or Die?" Are you kidding me? How much worse will this get? Will they just close down all voting booths and let Diebold machines run the whole election as a simulation?

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything."
- Joseph Stalin

Desperate Amerikwans Try To Stage Another Gulf Of Tonkin False Flag Attack

Iran Has No Idea What In The Hell Warmongers Are Blabbering About

They wait thirty years then admit it was all a lie when the guilty have escaped

Do you see any markings at all on this boat to identify it in any way? This is the Gulf! It's for boats of all kinds! Where is the Iranian flag on this boat?!?!?!? It looks like a subminiature toy boat that most fishermen would consider inadequate for leisure!!! I think it was some drunk Saudis out for a whirl.

Oh, lusee, you gotta whole lotta 'splainin to do!


Anonymous said...

You america is going down the toilet when Iran has more credibility.


Anonymous said...

I really hope John Titor is wrong and Clinton loses, her whiny voice grates on my nerves like fingernails on a blackboard. I don't really care about US politics -- it's all Red vs Blue to me, their policies are near identical. But if news outlets are going to be playing the presidents voice for the next 4 years in sound bites, I'd rather it be a voice that didn't make me ill.

Anonymous said...

The latest reports of Iranian aggression in the gulf of Hormuz is nothing less than a desperate attempt by TPTB to whip up the fervor of the addled and confused for another incursion into the ME by BushCo. Not just your average potboiler episode, but a calculated attempt to ratchet up the rhetoritic against the Islamic Boogeyman. 9/11 anyone?

Is it just me? , or are there wiser ways to deal with the fact that Muslims have always had an attitude problem? History shows that these bastards have been taking advantage of our weaknesses for a millenium, at least. The fact that upwards of two million european captives who died in slavery to Spanish and North African masters without issue would seem to justify a global war against the forces of Islam. But this is not necessarily so.
A simple thing like drilling for oil in our own backyard would cut the legs from under them. They would then have no recourse but to struggle against their nearest neighbors Russia, and China. Why not isolate them, and return the moon-god worshippers to slaughtering each other? Dr. Paul is correct, speak to all of them, yet deal only with the reasonable among them.
Do you expect the Socialists to come to the rescue? Not Me. Instead they will weaken us from within, citing false paradigms like Human-caused Global Warming while the so-called Conservatives will squander our strength in unwinnable foriegn wars fought in the name of Nationalistic pride.

Like Voltaire said, "Ecresaz Le'Infame". "Crush the infamous thing". Crush many infamous things in one fell swoop by asserting Passive Dominance starting with the restoration of freedoms advocated by Congressman Paul, followed by a prudent foriegn policy that could well inspire the Moderate Muslim population to cast off the shackles of their more strident brethren. Otherwise, prepare for the end of the West as you once knew it.

Bad Dad

Anonymous said...

That's the crazy thing. People are far more inclined to believe Iran than they are Amerika.

It looks like America is dead. Soon to follow the rest of the west.

Let's hope that the new masters don't treat us poorly.

Anonymous said...

Some audio of the "incident":

Sounds like an american crewman pulling a prank.