Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Debauching = "Liquidity"

Isn't it funny that despite a bewildering sprawl of mathematics, a special vocabulary, an entire class of courtiers paid to support the premise and a century of legislation that is unconstitutional, economics remains so simple a subject that it can be explained to the man in the street in a few sentences? The question is, will anybody be permitted to explain to the man in the street that it is really as simple as it sounds? Maybe after they take away his guns first. After all, it is likely he is somehow connected with the "terrorists." You couldn't make this stuff up.

Give the government the power to print off money whenever they need it, then every time they print some more money, it devalues all the money that is in circulation. Trying to solve the resulting problems by printing off more fiat currency leads to economic collapse as the value of money approaches it's true worth, which is nothing.

Just like governments have done throughout the ages prior to a massive fiscal collapse that destroys the nation, they are printing more money to try to fix the problems created by having printed too much already. It isn't rocketry science. Will they drag down the world when they go?

The reason the 16th amendment was never ratified is that they could not get the States to sign it. Therefore it was never legitimate.

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