Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chicago Gets A Taste Of The Deathsnap

A little colder and a little faster, you could lose a million people overnight freezing to death. It's no joke.

Stop and think about it and you'll understand why the cold is just too much reality for people to handle.

Oprah Winfrey and her audience can deal with switching to flourescent bulbs and sorting their recyclables to counteract the effects of decomposing baby nappies. Imaginary solutions for imaginary problems is about their speed. Their lives are largely lived as dreams anyhow. A little bit of a sleep disturbance, even a nightmare, is still preferable to the ultimate horror ... which for them would be waking up.

Trying to get their minds around the idea that they are not the centerpiece of a vast and unfathomable cosmos is way, way too big a concept for people who have spent their lives drifting around in shopping malls to grasp. For the same reasons they did not broadcast advertisements during John Kennedy's funeral, that is something that just cannot be conveyed in the context of television and media-world. It's too big and frightening. Most people have never been 24 hours without a meal. Getting ready for a coming Ice Age is outside their operating limits.

Vault-Co says it is precisely this condition which has resulted in the intelligence we have now, such as it is. As nearly every interglacial ended, the resulting chaos must have reduced human numbers to a fraction and most of those sharp cookies. This is the reason we are not living in Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY. Because the end of the interglacial puts an end to stupid, period.

We are weak and feeble when looked at with the naked eye but once we start using our brains, we are the most powerful, adaptive and robust creature that has ever existed on the Earth. You add that brain to the opposable thumb - what a winning combination that is. We're the only animal on the planet that can make a go of it and thrive practically anywhere, in almost any conditions. We only got that way by eliminating many less adaptive primates very rapidly through sudden changes.


Anonymous said...

I find it outright SILLY to think that 200 years of human industry has no impact on the earth.

Untill I get some actual proof of either global warming or cooling I'm judging things by the weather outside, which is still ABOVE normal.

According to the news we'll be getting some actual winter-like weather this weekend. Finally.

So the cold is lacking here in the Netherlands but we are experiencing a lot of high winds lately, with a storm forcasted for tomorrow.

Like all doomer predictions we'll only know who's right when it actually happens.


Anonymous said...

We will have to suffer warmer weather for a while yet, as I see it maybe 3-4 more years until a major ice slippage (Antarctic) creates a major shift in the hot/cold areas firing up a minor re-glaciation and re-balance.
We will go from bloody hot to bloody cold in a few weeks, baybe 20deg less than normal with a decade or two to return to normal whatever that will be!