Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bush Promises Nuclear Attack On Iran

This is why I have been telling you ... this is going to be an interesting year.

Yes, you'd be correct if you think we jumped the gun in 2007 and much of it didn't take place. Except much we predicted in 2007 has now taken place and it appears our guesstimate was off by a couple months, as usual.

Vault-Co predicts all Amerikwa's nightmares will come true in 2008.

This run against the dollar requires radical reaction by the U.S. Government

"Recession Fears" are growing throughout the U.S. government

Of course, what they are calling "recession" really means "apocalyptic collapse of the American economy almost overnight." This genteel word "recession" is used by people who are trying to poke through the curtain of Oprah Winfrey reality and talk about what is on the other side. To this end they use mild synonyms to identify symbolically what they actually speaking of. They could not handle anything more severe. "Election fraud" becomes "voting booth difficulties" and "impending civil war" becomes "serious frustration with Capitol Hill."

Itz coming. So pack it. Before it is too expensive to afford.

Rice is stilling running at about a dollar a kilo here in Australia. Still a bargain at that price. The time to buy is in the next couple of months before the panic turns into a riot over food.

Another respected mainstream trends researcher has flipped out and is running for the hills

Notice how as soon as they start telling the truth, they're "nuts."

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