Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Avian Flu Pandemic Ready For Release?

I went to community college in Denton, Texas for a short while after I got out of the Army back in 1985. Our dormitories were in the decommissioned barracks. I have a contact there who told me independently of this news that something really big is up there.

FEMA has set the place up as some kind of command center and lots of traffic at night in sea containers on the back of military transport. Apparently the rail line system is being rebuilt.

One funny thing I noticed there was in an abandoned building at the rear of the facility, a huge chainlink fence area around a big concourse beside the disintegrating rail tracks. I used to run an obstacle course at night that went all the way around this large concrete plaza. I usually finished up by climbing the Denton Water Tower freehand, several stories off the ground.

It creeped me out because it almost looked like a location where you'd process prisoners for a death camp. I had that instinctive impression more than once. Of course, it was decommissioned at the time and fallen into disrepair. I heard it is all fixed up and ready for reception now. Let those boxcars roll.

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commodoreuser said...

Was at school in denton when you were going 'tex'- the only difference between cleve and comix superhero was power to fly & shoot lasers from eyes-never forgot you amigo. We always thought u must be homo.