Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Amerikwan Demockrassee Is An Illegitimate Sham

It wouldn't matter if more than 6% of the population was allowed to vote anyway, because Diebold Machines would just update the results with a single SQL query.

Elections as held now in the United States are less credible than a third world Latin American dictatorship where all the ballot boxes are brought to the Presidential Palace for counting.

Amerikwa needs foreign observers to certify elections because the current Amerikwan population, with an average IQ of 97, just don't have the brains left to make sure the elections are representative in any way, shape or form.

Those who count the votes hold all the power.

Anybody notice the incredible, mind-blowingly psychotic media blackout on Ron Paul? His name has been taboo to mention in any media for the past 14 days like somebody somewhere threw a switch that changed the space-time continuum so he was never even born. Spooky stuff. The former U.S.S.R. had a more honest society under the Soviet Commissars. Good enough for Amerikwans, apparently though.


Chesterton said...

This one is especially cute. He's either beating or tied with Giuliani, yet there's not a single mention of him in the article apart from the actual polling numbers. If he were polling first I'd bet they'd have one or two sentences ascribing the results to a statistical anomaly and then spend the rest of the article talking about what the other candidates had for breakfast or some other such nonsense.

Whether it's years of Marxist infiltration, years of prosperity, the media, something in the drinking water -- the American people have gone terminally soft in the head. They deserve to be slaves. The spirit of freedom and independence which made America what it was has been usurped by a nihilistic consumer culture.

I've donated to Ron Paul's campaign and have been to a few of his rallies, and have met some good people that way - but it's more of a symbolic gesture on my part. I don't think he or anyone else will be saving the country. In order for a constitutional republic to exist the humans have to outnumber the chimps by a fairly wide margin.

If you look at the ebb and flow of civilizations a fairly distinct cycle emerges. Tyranny leads to a dissatisfied populace that rebels. If it works, there's an Indian summer of prosperity marked by staunch nationalism and a drive towards common goals. This is followed by comfort, laziness, decadence, corruption, an easily distracted public, unnecessary wars and petty squabbles. It ends with slavery. America's time is nearly up. It'll be interesting to see what impact nuclear weapons have on all this.

Cyber tough said...

Recently there was an article in the Australian "media" with bios on all the main contenders. They all seemed celluloid cutouts of each other with only minor variations (I prefer my talking head to be white / black / male / female)

Noticeably Ron Paul was not mentioned.