Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Amerikwan Anarchy : Manufacturing Criminals From The Law Abiding

Let's face it, actual law enforcement is hard and criminals are dangerous to question or stop. Why bother with these kinds of hazards when you can just manufacture criminals out of gullible, easily managed law abiding folk?

Today in Australia we had another cop get the crap beaten out of him by unarmed impulsive bystanders. This brought a chorus of calls from the press to make assault on a cop a particularly severe crime, as compared to assault on a mere peasant. It also illustrates the comical laugh-a-minute nature of Australian government that they claim peasants have no call for arms in the name of self defense in a nation where not even cops are safe from random assault. If an armed police man gets his ass beaten in a public street by teenagers, what on earth do you expect an ordinary serf to do when he is charged by same on a daily basis? It's logic, Australian style.


CadorBolin said...

Cops are not your friend, they are agents working on behalf of our Marxist governments.

Every time they propose gun-control legislation, which higher authority do they call upon? Police unions.

The police also strongly support cameras being setup on every street corner in the name of making their jobs easier (I've heard them say this many times).

Cops now operate on the mentality that every member of the general public is a criminal.

Anonymous said...

The best advice I can give is to stay WELL below the Police's radar. Drive a standard car. Wear socially acceptable clothing. Do not do anything to draw their attention.

True story. My wife wants to become a cop. So she's always keeping an eye out for them. Anyway she gave them a friendly wave whilst we were out and about. Less than 30 seconds later I'm pulled over and we are questioned.

To say that I am furious is to understate how angry I still am. Had the officers been having a bad day or a qouta to fill muggins me just shot up their list. Had I had my guns in the boot I'd have had some more serious questions to answer. The long and short of it is that nothing happened. Just my drivers licence run through their computer. FFS if I had any outstanding fines that I knew nothing about I'd have been arrested. For what? For my missus coming to their attention.

True story. A mate of mine was thrown into the lock up for not voting. He'd been in Japan during an election and subsequently didn't vote. Pulled over for a random breath test his name run through the computer and he was arrested and put into jail for the night.

Cops have many many laws which they can arrest you on. My ex is a copper. She told me about one arrest she did where the person asked "what am I being arrested for?" the reply (and I kid you not) "I'll think of something"

Stay low