Thursday, January 24, 2008

Action In The North Atlantic

Vault-Co heard the train whistle approaching ten years ago.

The West has now been run down under the wheels of that train. They now realize there may be a problem. Russia is preparing to fight the war of the future. America is still getting ready to fight World War Two. While the United States has been sleeping, Russia has been mass producing ships and subs invisible to radar, high yield nuclear cruise missiles and a dozen other weapons that sound like they came from a John Campbell science fiction story.

The United States just hasn't lifted it's game. It doesn't even seem to know the game has started. It is to be expected when they figure this out, it will be right after they have lost.


trueaim said...

In East corner wearing the red white and blue and weighing a massive 120kg and fully fighting fit and howling for blood we have the all new empire of Russia, in the West corner wearing the red white and blue weighing in at a puny 65kg and staring vacantly at the canvas completely unaware that this is not Kansas anymore Toto, Its the good old tomato can, The United State of Disneyland!

Anonymous said...

"It's gonna be a helluva night JR!"

(If this sounds familiar you watch too much wrestling)