Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas 2008 : The Quiet Spiral Into Darkness Begins

This holiday, whilst the sheeple cut the turkey and give thanks to their false secular consumer globalist "god," the world financial system is quietly, effortlessly spinning completely out of control. This will be the last time the Amerikwans celebrate this pagan festival with any joy.

This time next year, it will be babies - the other white meat.

Read Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD if you want to know what Amerikwa will be like in a very short time.

Diebold, the vote-rigging scam corporation, is going downhill on greased rails

Chrysler bankrupt, like most Amerikwan companies

Amerikwan retail is on the brink of being vaporized in 2008

The tent cities open for business in Amerikwa

This is nothing so far. Vault-Co predicts the Amerikwan tent camps will have populations numbered in the millions and their primary source of heating fuel in the cold winters approaching will be ZOGBux.

The bubble has burst and there is nothing to replace it

Bush introduces medical triage for children to thin the herd

Imminent domain seen for what it is - chainmail bash'n'grab property raiding

The original purpose of a government is to protect life and property. When it becomes instead the chief oppressor of the people who live under it, it is time for a revolution.

Zimbabwe 2006 = Amerikwa 2008


Anonymous said...

The Road.

Holy Crap - what a book.

Makes doomers look like pansies. I ESPECIALLY loved the part about finding the Vault.

Once I read that one, I read some of the other Cormac books - all good - all manly - like real men used to be.

Nimadan said...

"Read Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD if you want to know what Amerikwa will be like in a very short time."

The Road is without a doubt the single most depressing book I've ever read. It is also genuinely great literature. When you
consider that McCarthy is not known to be a survivalist, it's fascinating that this novel was written so close to the end it prophesies.

The Road in my mind forms a loose trilogy with his two other most recent novels, Blood Meridian and No Country For Old Men. NCOFM set in the modern US, portrays the moral chaos of a decaying society. BM, while technically set in the mid-1800s, can also
be seen as a vision of a post-US America submerged in the hell of tribal warfare.

"This time next year, it will be babies - the other white meat."

Once the food supply to the large cities has been cut off, the only thing that will delay the delay the onset of cannibalism is that
so few of the idiots in the underclass have any connection to the raising and processing of food. It will take a while for them to realize that those wonderful people they've been cheating, robbing, and raping for the past fifty years can also be cooked and eaten....
Once they do make the connection however, the cities will become places of horror. No unarmed person will have a chance of
surviving in them.

In a savage irony, the urban liberals who have spent the past fifty years deconstructing America's culture will themselves be deconstructed... as meat. The "Progressive" community will be massacred by their own african and mestizo pets. These monsters that the Left has nurtured for the past half-century are (fittingly enough) going to be their murderers. Which brings to
mind a proverb of the old New England Yankees:

"The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine."