Tuesday, December 18, 2007


While you were sleeping ...

Many of you who have been reading the Vault-Co blog over the course of many years probably learned very early on that I always seemed to be living in my own little version of the world. You probably dismissed a lot of stuff up here as paranoid exaggeration of what to expect in the next world war. You couldn't place what I was talking about half the time, it seemed to you like I was reading from the pages of a comic book. I always appear to be preparing for stuff like a "cobalt death shroud" of radiation that might last a decade or more, "red mercury cluster bombs" and "neutron wedges," of which you have never heard anything about in the media, through standard publications, magazines or any traditional sources of information. You probably expected I was some garden variety petty ranteur who had done what a lot of garden variety schizophrenics do ... extend some small piece of information into an elaborate fantasy in which I lost track of what I had read as opposed to what I fabricated. You thought to yourself ....

"This fellow Tex Arcane is always talking about stuff like 'killer robots.' He has mixed up different ideas from movies and television in his mind, from the James Cameron film THE TERMINATOR to perhaps some lesser flick like HARDWARE."

Then one day, it became apparent that terminator technology was the single hottest military application in the world for funding ... it didn't get that way overnight. Vault-Co told you about this stuff years before it was obvious.

You remember the "Doomsday Weapons" discussed as early as 1999 on the original Vault-Co site. "Hmm, you thought, this guy Arcane must have got this from the end of DR. STRANGELOVE and slowly absorbed the notion into his strange epistemological framework until he believed these kinds of weapons actually existed. Everybody knows they were just a theoretical science fiction proposition about a dead-brakeman's weapon system that would blanket the world with radiation in the event Russia thought it had lost. Nobody in their right mind would ever build such a thing." Imagine the shock when all the sheeple learned it not only existed but that it had been on active response throughout the entire "collapse" of the Soviet Union. Hey, this is like that nut on Vault-Co was talking about. Doomsday devices. Sounds like the stuff in comic books.

What sort of weapons will the Third World War be fought with? Are any previous scenarios you have read about in some sheeple media article from Time Magazine in 1971 applicable to the current era? What about those old civil defense manuals that FEMA reprints to this day, claiming a 14 day stay for fallout and some minor inconveniences having to do with decontamination afterwards? A strong detergent is recommended in combination with a stiff whisk broom.

The Bush administration reduces the number of nuclear weapons in the U.S. arsenal that are part of the public record. Why? Well, why not? If you've got a couple hundred ten megaton cobalt bombs with pinpoint accuracy in orbit, why on Earth do you need to keep a bunch of rusty Titans and Minutemen in cold storage that require costly maintenance for obsolete technology? You likely baffled at all these odd whisperings from Russia and China about the need to "achieve parity with U.S. space weapons capabilities." Chances are if you watch the media for news you never realized there is a space weapon capability. China's recent satellite test alarmed everybody in the know but went right over the heads of most of the sheeple. It appears a war is going on behind the scenes that you mere revenue generators are not permitted to understand.

Remember, on Vault-Co we never tell you everything we know. We tell you about 25% of what you need to know. There's no point in telling you everything because you wouldn't believe it.

You need to know that you will be spending more than 14 days in your shelter. Use your imagination and prepare to survive a real nuclear war like the one that is coming - not the one that was hypothetical propaganda fifty years ago when it was first described in civil defense manuals.

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