Monday, December 31, 2007

The UK : Smells like Ass, Looks Worse

The United Kingdom is destroyed. There ain't no coming back.

This open sewer is the paradise promised by multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism is just a fancy word for "divide and conquer." Break up the cultural homogeneity, make people prisoners in their own homes and heads, then unleash the termites on the rotten wood which lies unprotected and loot everything that can be carried away.


Anonymous said...

It makes me sad to know I won't ever be able to properly know the culture, people and land I descend from. I live in Canada, supposedly another British home across the ocean. But growing up I found the British culture to be as foreign as Parisian French or German. It was more accessible than those two but distinctly separate from "Canadian" values.

I can, perhaps, see pockets of Britishness surviving today and the effect of it on Canadian culture is more than obvious. Despite this, their are undercurrents of hate for our British roots in the newspapers and schools, as well as great pushes to sever in full all links to pre-Trudeau Canada.

Two examples: The National Post(neocon paper) suggested the UK be on the hook for all broken Aboriginal(hate that word, but it beats "native") treaties. The reason being that the UK made them and not Canada(lol).

Around Canada day, you get lots of articles showing the love for the true Canadians who just got their citizenship on Canada's b-day. Obligatory puff pieces on our wonderful multikult roots and how dynamic and minty-fresh we have become since eating at the Thai place the other night. Every year brings more lunacy, like informing us that it is just as Canadian to celebrate the b-day by waving the old Zimbabwean flag and holding scantily clad parades to some Caribbean beats. Unfortunately, the multkult does not shine happily on a certain other culture, like this cartoon published in the Toronto Star shows. Try to imagine that your looking at this cartoon after reading about the Latinofest planned for the b-day evening, which came after the African wood sculpture on the second page.
image link

I truly feel there isn't a bit of hope for Britain's future. I remember speaking with an Aunt who was visiting for my sister's wedding almost two years back. She said she'd had enough and was going to move to Canada soon. She told me that if her grandfather had seen what his country was to become, he wouldn't have lifted a pinkie against the Nazis. She got to asking about politics and I asked what she thought of the BNP. Horrible, nasty bigots and thugs was her reply. She'd vote for the Lib-Dems to fix things up.

And that's how you know Britain is dead. The people don't even know how to begin to save the country.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in the States:

Mom: "why did you pee on me Pooh Bear?"

A few moments later: Pooh Bear: "Mama you done stabbed me."