Sunday, December 30, 2007

Return To The Dark Ages : Bedbug Infestation

One comment says what the media won't dare : illegal aliens from exotic locales without quarantines, lack of high temperatures in laundry, banning the use of DDT.

There are many mainstream epidemiologists who believe that bedbugs were the primary vector of smallpox and someday soon may be again.

It's also interesting to note that all it would take is a time machine to get some no-nonsense people from 1955 back to get rid of these bugs. Did you know at one time, washing machines sold for domestic use in the United States ran a steam cycle at 160+ degrees? It's not just your imagination ... the people of Pleasantville had cleaner, whiter clothes than you do. They had less fungus and mold in their skin, surroundings and linens than you modern people could even imagine. Everything in the 1950's was cleaner and more hygienic. It's not just nostalgia.

I'd like to see these bedbugs survive a trip through the old Chinese laundry that used to be across the street from the Automat near Union Station in New York. A guy who worked there told me they ran those steam boilers so high in there that occasionally people were burned by the steam rising from the exhaust conduits out in the street.

I used to eat at the Automat every night after selling books out in front of the subway entrance. It was great. The food was good and cheap, too. You could get an excellent ham and cheese mustard sandwich with an apple and all the coffee you could drink for $5.00 in there in 1989. I think I was the healthiest I've ever been in my life living in New York city. I had an immune system like a wall of nanocarbon.

Bedbugs are a symptom of our civilization's slide back into the filthy, diseased and grimy conditions of the medieval era. I just hope they still let us burn candles for light after they outlaw incandescent bulbs ... to protect the planet from "global warming." Ask Scotty what the delay is in engineering. I need somebody to beam me out of this freakin' madhouse.

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