Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Real African

This is a real article published in the wake of Zuma's win recently by a black editorialist at the paper.

In some ways, this could be looked upon as a form of genetic selection. Those actually stupid enough to trust these wonderful critters and treat them as equals are selected for death and oblivion in the gene pool. Anybody dumb enough to believe in the faux world of egalitarianism is demonstrating markedly inferior perception and native intelligence, period. Inferior. It's exactly like mice born with an affection for cats or sardines who swim towards instead of away from tuna. You can't expect that anything can be done for an animal that defective.

Another sign of their inferiority is their belief that it doesn't matter if something is true or false if they seem to have a consensus on a subject. They'll all die together just the same. Placing a higher value on the group's fiat declaration than their own six senses could be regarded as cheap/shoddy wiring inside their heads. Bad software/hardware connections upstairs. We all know that a desire to conform is innate for many people but at some stage it becomes a ridiculous quality. In many white people, you can see as plain as the nose on your face - they're just not firing on all cylinders correctly. You don't need to get a group opinion on it. You just listen to them and study their words and you can tell that they need a cerebral rim alignment.

As weaker male elements are killed off by these "equal people" and their women forced into bondage as whores to bear children for diversifiers, the gene pool will shift towards those who can walk and chew gum at the same time. It's inevitable that the very act of introducing these conditions speeds up evolutionary change on other levels.


CadorBolin said...

If I was a farmer in ZA or Zim, I would have destroyed all of my farm equipment and set fire to my house a very long time ago.

Propping up these African dictatorships is nothing short of insanity. I still wonder why these sheeple haven't resorted to Soviet-style scorched Earth policy as they meekly submit themselves to getting murdered and spat upon by these savages.

That article sums up exactly the mentality of the African for all to see.

Anonymous said...

You need thier permission to leave and the monkeys next door are no better

Texas Arcane said...

Anybody human left in Africa needs to get out by any means possible, including swimming.

Read that article, it will tell you everything you need to know to understand why Africa will never, ever be capable of supporting more than 1% of the current population under the rule (however brief?) of the natives. The other 99% right now are a natural anomaly that goes against the grain of biological determinism. They only existed by the grace of white civilization and once it's gone they're counting the days 'til they get spaded under or eaten.