Friday, December 7, 2007

Primate Reasoning : It must be true if enough of the other primates say it is true

Globo-warmthink makes no sense. It's insane. There is no rational consistency to any of it. Good luck trying to get any of the druids in that nature cult of Rousseau to listen to sound arguments. I've tried - it's like arguing with an Eliza-bot. Computer simulations prove that computer simulations prove that simulations prove we are right. Forget about melted ice caps on Mars. Watch this computer simulation instead.

What Globo-Warming is really about is demonstrating the genetic obsolescence of nearly half of mankind. They've got old software. It works off of consensus. They ain't going to the moon to harvest helium 3 with those neolithic brains, trust me.

(Another hilarious rant from The Guy from Boston. Requires Broadband, much profanity)
Global Warmthink beats working for a living if you get on the gravy train


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for those polarbears and the superstorms. Hasnt happened yet and probably wont happen at all.


Chesterton said...

Here's another funny global warming video from the same guy:

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rzero, superstorms and polar bears don't exist. Climate history and recurring cycles are the real frauds here, thought up by fringe scientists living in a totally different reality than the rest of humanity.

Neo Supertramp said...

It all makes perfect sense. People are stupid. They will believe and do anything that is popular. How else do you explain the current craze for festooning one's body in ridiculous tatoos and mindless piercings? People will walk around all day smoking dog turds if they see others doing it. Carbon trading schemes = voodoo economics. Every explanation of how these emission trading schemes work that I have seen remind me of the Gary Larson cartoon "Creationism Explained". When this crap is eventually debunked, you wont be able to find anyone who admits to having believed in it. Just like they'll all claim to have been listening to Frank Zappa for years once he croaks and that they were drugged and forced to cover their bodies in tatoos that come out of a junk mail pamphlet.

Texas Arcane said...

Climate history and recurring cycles are frauds.

Right. What about gravity and sunshine? Are they corporate disinformation campaigns as well?

Anonymous said...

I figured if anyone would recognize a little deadpan humor, it would be an aussie. My starting with "I agree with Rzero" threw you off so far that "polar bears don't exist" didn't register. And climatologists out of step with the majority consensus? Get it? Ah that's deadpan humor though, sometimes completely for your own amusement.

Texas Arcane said...

Sorry, it's just so many people posting similar things with complete seriousness log here it was easier to accept it at face value. There's one guy who posts equivalent stuff on the forum all the time.

:) Funny now.

the same anonymous said...

That's alright, it wasn't exactly obvious or hilarious, just a passing jest. You have a forum?

In other news, didn't Iraq try this once upon a time, before getting totally leveled,

Anonymous said...

Texas, the fact is you can't even make up your mind on this (you'll argue that GW doesn't exist because it's getting colder and then argue that GW does exist but it's caused by nature). On top of that, the motive of GW contrarianism is to show that Amerikwa isn't at fault and therefore should do nothing.

Texas Arcane said...

Exhibit A above for "special" individuals who post stuff so naff it is hard to tell if they are being sarcastic or not. :)

Do you even read this site, anon poster?