Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Peak Oil = Junk Science

We've never believed in Peak Oil. Never. Just like Global Warming, at Vault-Co we have never accepted this assertion, not even once.

We have always told you what the real problem is : PEAK DEMAND. With the ensuing Resource Conflicts that follow. Maybe in fifty years there will be enough oil to go around to supply the needs of China and the Asia Pacific as well as the West. Before we find out, we're going to have a third world war and it is going to be thermonuclear.

We don't change like a weathervane at Vault-Co. Our message has scarcely been modified an iota in ten years on the web. We figured out all of this stuff a long, long time ago. We had all the information in 1996. We had drawn all the right conclusions by 1997.

It's not that the oil is running out. There's plenty of oil even though efforts to expand the existing oil supply have been virtually abandoned for twenty years. It's that there is only enough to go around for one world empire. The loser is going to end up fighting a nuclear war out of sheer desperation. We know human history and this is the way it always plays out.


kochevnik said...

The end result of your 'world oil production' conspiracy and PO are IDENTICAL.

So what exactly is the difference ?

Not a damn thing.

The world will NEVER, EVER see production levels significantly above where they are today.

Whether you attribute that to simple geology, or geopolitics or little green fairies - the ending is still the same : oil prices skyrocket, shortages, rationing, and eventually war.

I've paid for my preps ten times over ALREADY betting on this particular premise - and it hasn't even really started yet.

You can afford to make this mistake Vault, because you're already on the right track, preparing for the coming resource wars.

Others will not be so lucky.

As for the timing of the war - read the Fourth Turning by Strauss & Howe. This book is the most misunderstood, ignored book of all time.

Suppose someone told you in 1997 that it was highly likely that terrorists would be flying jet planes into major skyscrapers in the timeframe 2000 to 2005.

When 9-11 hit in 2001, I knew EXACTLY what was going on thanks to this book.

Total wisdom, totally ignored. It's why I think the future that we are about to unleash is unstoppable destiny.

CadorBolin said...

I'm disappointed. I thought 100% for certain that you would embrace peak oil theory as a means of ending the "consumer unit" lifestyle.

Every oil field follows a bell-shaped curved production lifecycle. US oil production in the main 48 peaked in 1970 and hasn't recovered since.

Texas Arcane said...

The truth is that we are actually in perfect accord and that there is nothing to argue about.

I just believe that there is a ton of oil below the salt layer in the ocean (a thousand times the current supply) and that oil itself is an inexhaustible substance that has nothing to do with fossils or decomposing vegetable matter.

It doesn't matter because if there was an intention to avoid a resource war, the West should have started tapping offshore thirty years ago. If they started today and went all-out 100% to source their own oil as Brazil has done they still could not avert fighting over the Caspian and ME sources. No room for two tigers on this mountain.

CadorBolin said...

Like kochevnik just said, the end result is all just the same.

Assuming that there is unlimited oil offshore and that it's extraction would be energy positive--the real reason why the West hasn't ramped up production there is because they are governed by the same morons and traitors who have embraced and imposed multiculturalism.

In this case, "peak oil" is being caused by the decline in average IQ.

There is some overlap between globo-warmers and peak oilists for certain, but the motivation for those who embrace both is that they see it as a means to talk up their Gramscian socialist scams.

For all the talk of NWO, ZOG and CFR, the real reason that the world has become as f*cked as it is now is because urbanization has created a decadent population who vote for gun control and flaming socialists. Peak oil will put an end to all of this flim-flam in a rather violent, cruel way.

Texas Arcane said...

I agree with every single word you wrote above.

What does it matter if it is peak oil or not, when all the conditions have been tailored to produce the exact same result as oil becoming scarce and lethally expensive by 2005?

America abandoned nuclear energy in the 70's, at the exact moment it should have been building them everywhere like France. America's oil discoveries were limited to an area about the size of a postage stamp as of 1980, the only legal regions that Congress permits geologists to even look for it. It would not be a shock that you did not find your keys at night if they passed a law that said you could only look under streetlights where visibility was good.

South America and Russia have proved that the West cornholed itself. It doesn't matter if there are trillions of gallons of oil under every bush, cuz Amerikwa ain't never going to pump a drop of it before it becomes embroiled in the Resource Wars leading to World War III.

Notice how an amazing number of finds were announced throughout 2007 and yet here on the threshold of 2008, oil is more expensive than ever with no end in sight. That's because peak demand is getting ready to hit and there won't be resources, time or the will to drill anywhere except where it's easy ... as the 3 billion people coming online for oil demand clamor more-more-more.

I predict nothing but furious flim-flam and legalized theft through superior firepower from here on in. I think drilling and alternatives will fall by the wayside as the true sweaty panic begins in earnest.

Pumpy said...

Peak oil does not mean that we will run out of oil. It means that in time production from each oil well goes down. Even if demand remains the same production from that oil well will still go down. That is what is happening in two-thirds of oil-producing countries.

You can find more oil but it might be more difficult to access because it is too deep, which means you will have to pay more, or it will be impossible to access because you simply don't have the technology to get it. That will also happen even if demand remains the same.

Next, the phrase "peak demand" looks questionable because it means that demand will peak and then will go down. What you probably mean is that demand will still go up: that's not the same as "peak demand". In any event, increasing demand has nothing to do with peak oil, as the latter refers to production and not consumption. If it is in any way connected, it's that demand will make the effects of peak oil worse. Peak production means a combination of less oil and more expensive oil (if it costs more to get oil from places that are less accessible), and increasing demand increases prices further.

Finally, it's not surprising that those who deny that global warming is caused by human activity are funded by oil companies that also claim that there's no such thing as peak oil. For more information, check out the links to the "Denial Machine" documentary given several times in this web log.

Texas Arcane said...

People who use the word "denial" in a sentence are scary and weird.

Where's my cut of the loot from the big, fat oil company agitprop fund?

You must be kidding, of course. No scientist today can hope to get grant money or tenure without signing allegiance in blood to the globowarmthenk cult.

You're very frantic, pumpy. High noise-to-content ratio.