Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pakistan On The Brink Of "Nightmare Scenario"

Bhutto's murder is triggering widespread civil unrest and contributing to the abdication of the moderates, exactly as predicted 72 hours ago on Vault-Co.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the US is losing their puppet dictator.

I wonder who will strike first when the chaos gets worse enough to threaten the paki nukes?

A US intervention would piss off the last 3 friendly muslims in the world and give massive support to the taleban.

An Indian intervention could possible ignite a war in the East. Or at the least insure more border skirmishes for the next decade (kashmir).

Heck the Chinese could pre-empt, using the situation to officially assert itself as a global power.

Interesting times indeed.


Anonymous said...

Why worry with suitcase nukes when with a little skullduggery you can get several with rockets attached.
We are losing stability day by day and some lunatic is busy making that little snowball atop one hell of a hill.