Saturday, December 29, 2007

Original Sponsor Of The Global Warming Theory Says Gore is a Crook and His Followers Are Fools

Notice the article first had to be preloaded with disapproval by pointing out all the credentials and testimonials that Gore has received from other communist bastards. Solipsist authentication : you vouch for somebody else, they vouch for you, the two of you vouch for another person. Sophistry going in crazy self-referential circles.

Claude Allegre pulled his referral for Gore and instantly became a non-person. He went from supreme scientific authority on climate to despised quack overnight the second he no longer supported the mythology.

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Patriot said...

Yes but what happened to your Vaporware website? We're past Christmas now and you've still got that same landing page. Don't even think about altering the launch date and hoping that no-one notices.

You have to put something in place, let the people kick it around a bit and then improve it, rather than trying to get your work perfected in a vacuum prior to release - with predictable results. It would be a good start to just get the website up and running to let everyone know things are still moving along.

In a week from today of course. Or you die.