Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Only The World's Very Best : Globowarmthink is goofy, obscene BULLSH*T

All four of the climate scientists who originally spawned the global warming death kult with their theoretical propositions are now amongst the most strident critics of the idea. Not a single one of the climatologists spoken of in name by Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth has not emerged to vigorously distance themselves from it.

The only people left who promote globowarmthink seriously are the mass media marxists, the unemployable career losers at the United Nations and their worldwide stable of useful idiots. It's all Antonio Gramsci's plan put into action to achieve world government. The sheeple don't know anything about anything and will generally follow anybody diligently who strokes their marginal and feeble brains. Ask the Bolshevists if indignant self-righteousness works as a control mechanism for the easily flattered. Forty million dead white Christian Ukrainians can't be wrong.

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