Monday, December 31, 2007

More Money-Spinning Gibberish From Supreme Populist Charlatan Hawking

Poor guy must have some more medical bills building up.

I think this sad gimp is completely out of the loop on physics. He sounds like he has not been outdoors since 1989 when Carl Sagan was still alive.

1. There was no Big Bang.
2. Einstein was a fraud, womanizer, a proven plagiarist, a lousy mathematician and media perpetuated myth.
3. The speed of light is not a limitation on anything.
4. The universe is controlled primarily by electrical charges, not gravity or "nuclear forces."
5. Nine-tenths of quantum physics is fabricated and useless rubbish.
6. Hawking's reputation will last as long after his death as that of Sagan, Gould, Boaz, Lysenko, Morris or any of the other popular culture performing cranks of this century. About ten minutes.

Vault-Co Prediction : Hawking will never discover or write about anything worth remembering in his entire life.

I feel sorry for him because he is in a wheelchair. Let's not get carried away and extend him credibility for the sake of his infirmity. The guy is just another quack like anybody else touted in the mainstream media. Hint : Anybody they promote will be a fraud.

Check out this crip's ego. The dementia associated with his condition must have kicked in a long time ago. I'll let his words speak for themselves:

"We have discovered that the universe is not eternal and unchanging but started with a big bang 13.7 billion years ago," Professor Hawking said.

"We are now working on the unification of Einstein's general theory of relativity, which governs the large-scale structure of the universe, with quantum theory, the theory of the very small.

"This unification should determine what happened in the big bang and how the universe began.

"The centre will work to develop theories of the universe which are both mathematically consistent and observationally testable.

"It will build on a tradition dating back to Isaac Newton over three centuries ago.

"With luck, it will help answer some of the ultimate questions about the universe and our existence."

Oy! A living, itz! The schmucks eat it up! The grant check is in the mail. You may need a co-signer to get it cashed at the liquor store across the street. We'll be holding our breath.

If you look carefully at the glowing endorsement he gets on that heavily edited propaganda outlet Wikipedia, you'll see his background (like Einstein) is a bit "odd." In fact, his "magic powers" seem to fail when he is in an objective setting. Kind of like that famous Clever Hans, the "counting horse" from Germany in the 17th century. It's only during his "oral examinations" that his listeners are seduced by his Svengali-like powers. Given a simple written examination, he failed miserably. Kind of like Einy, who liked to talk about music when mathematicians visited and mathematics when musicians visited. It's all in the delivery, you see.

Hawking doesn't seem to ever have actually accomplished anything at all, ever. He's a Luftmensche. He profits and prospers off of his "reputation" and public performance art. On those few points where his "theories" were clearly defined enough to put to the physical test, once again he was revealed as a sophist and a complete poseur. He's a physics crank, no better or worse than those guys who tour Holiday Inn Convention centers showing off their "perpetual motion" machines. Hawking just went global and pulled in a much bigger haul with his scam.


If you're wondering what all this had to do with Vault-Co, it's just another sign of the overall decline of our civilization that guys like this idiot are celebrated as "geniuses" when James Watson loses his position because he is actually a real genius. I honestly believe most real geniuses are hiding in the fringes nowadays. We've got Somalians getting million dollar educations to teach them how to operate a doorknob with white kids who get perfect scores on their SATs living out of a station wagon. Our society is a train wreck.


Tav said...

You're on a roll -- don't stop!

Funny that whenever I bring up the fact that E = mc^2 was not derived by Einstein, his supporters always pooh-pooh that as a minor technicality and that he came up with that on his own independently for different reasons. They also say that it is not the only thing he should be remembered for.

If that's the case, then I'd like to buy a few posters of Olinto De Pretto in his dishevelled look staring intensely at the camera with "E=mc^2" printed on it with big bold letters. Why can't I find these anywhere at stores?

Lang said...

I think that SAT story is bogus; I live in Sonora and I just searched the Union Democrat website for the last 12 years and there is no mention.

The local news channel KCRA has a bare bones account, but this looks false.

kochevnik said...

I went to grad school for almost two years. I won't say it was a complete waste - because nothing ever is. But I will say that post grad work is DESIGNED to weed out those who will not conform or toe the line. If you are trying to truly do research in a unique and thought provoking area you are roundly discouraged. Only research that varies INCREMENTALLY from the status quo is rewarded or even allowed.

Most of the TRULY intelligent people I have met in my life have CHOSEN to make their lives at the periphery of society. There is literally no point to doing otherwise. And if you are truly intelligent, you eventually come to realize that the system and the society we currently live in abhors signs of genius or unique ability and quickly moves to stomp the shit out of them wherever they are found.

On the bright side, once you realize that toeing the line is the equivalent of moral and spiritual suicide, you can go out and pursue those aspects of life that are truly interesting for you.

If the society does not respect or value my talents, then I would say that I am under NO OBLIGATION to assist them in any way in achieving any of their goals.

So the intelligent have left the building (society) leaving the idiots in charge.

Who can blame them ?

Texas Arcane said...

De Pretto is one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century. His most brilliant insight was stolen by a clerk at the Zurich Patent Office and published amidst a bunch of solipsist rubbish with the scientific parts taken out and a lot of bogus corollaries that don't fit the formula itself.

Worst of all, when Einstein had his Czech wife do the proof for the math (because he couldn't!) she did it wrong! There's no way she should have printed E=MC2 unless they assumed that as the result and then worked backwards ... incorrectly!!! Both of them did not have the technical acumen to realize their plagiarism was not published with the mathematical proofs or references to demonstrate it!!!!!! Einstein's Theory of Relativity does not even qualify as a real peer-reviewed work for this reason!!

De Pretto got anonymity and oblivion, Einstein the hardcore communist started a career as an official media "genius" which he milked for big-time cash and an honorary Ph.D. he never earned, just like Martin Luther King.

Einstein ripped off De Pretto and it is time the whole world knew the truth. Albert was not bright enough to deserve to kiss De Pretto on his ass. He was sent home from school as an ineducable idiot at a young age ... because he was an ineducable idiot.

Chesterton said...

De Pretto's equation had nothing to do with general relativity. Tex, I remember you posting a link to a math help webpage a few months ago that explained the Pythagorean theorem. Why is a guy who's just getting around to mastering 9th grade geometry commenting on the highest levels on math and physics?

Oh, and what does society have to do with that kid being homeless? That's his parents' fault. According to the article they're divorced and his father neither speaks with nor supports them monetarily. It just sounds like crappy parenting to me.

lightbeam said...

Einsteinovichorbergstein's general relativity theory had nothing to do with relativity either because it was hogwash from first to last page. what would you expect from patent clerk stealing fragments of other peoples works?

Please note in nearly a hundred years nobody seems to have ever much produced some useful application from general relativity - it would be fairly hard since it is only rabbinical jibberjabber with no connection to reality and real science.

Willy said...

Tex, youve claimed to be a Bible beleiving Chritian several times that I know of, surely you can see that the shitscience gibberish spewed forth by the likes of hawking, is designed to give credence to the evolution theory/lie thereby discrediting the truth of creation?? its simple mate, only fucktards like hawking,bob brown and that yank conman who convinced oprah and the whole fucking coalition of the willing guvmints,make it complicated.

Texas Arcane said...

Willy ditto all.

If they really cared about truth, they'd admit their crap has been falling apart.

The real situation has more questions about it all than ever and does not necessarily validate the literal "Creationist" school (although it certainly points to intelligent design at present).

The truth is they hate Christianity so much they'd rather continue with their ridiculously debunked science (no DNA match for Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon people? You gotta be kidding me! Publish that!) than admit they need to go back to the drawing board completely and start over from scratch.

No Big Bang, either, so there's a point against Creationists. All of these groups would rather their own guff be the gospel and make a liar out of God.

I'm certain we will know someday when the dust clears that not a single word of Genesis is false, only that the entire universe itself was so much bigger and more complex than we could imagine we just didn't understand why it was true.

If you go back and read popular science on evolution from the 1970's, it sounds more and more like people arguing about the layout of the canals on Mars at the start of the 19th century. There were no canals on Mars, period.