Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Mass Media : Worse Than Life Under The Soviet Commissars

This woman goes through every single candidate in the Iowa race except Ron Paul, deliberately ignoring someone who is polling in third place at the very least.

I almost did not want to link to this site because I wouldn't want to give this argument against suffrage the hit count.

I think this is getting scary for Ron Paul ... their attempt to ignore him is starting to seem positively psychotic. These are some very scared shabbas goy.


Anonymous said...

Fox News has excluded Ron Paul from the Jan 6 NH debate.


CadorBolin said...

Fox News has officially excluded Ron Paul from a January debate. Their official line was that he is not in the top 5.

I shocked a few Paul supporters by flat out saying that the whole game is rigged and that the system is rotten and not worth saving. Some were taken aback when I said I'll vote for Shillary out of sheer hatred and contempt for the 'kwa.

Ron Paul supporters are the salt of the earth, but they're deluding themselves when they think the 'kwa is worth saving.

Let the 'kwa die screaming.

Texas Arcane said...

That's the way I feel about it.

Ron Paul is a Christian so he must know at some point, there comes a time to stop praying for a nation and dust off your feet on it.

The world capital of teen sodomy porn is not on God's list of people he really cares about. Ron Paul should withdraw from the race and let it slide into hell, because the only thing he has to lose is his life if he continues.

The kwa ain't worth p*ssing on if it were on fire.