Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Japan Working on Their ABM System

As we have said previously on Vault-Co, ballistic missile defense fits the argument that fools used to hurl at civil defense programs ... nobody builds an ABM system without planning to use it.

The very act of installing it is daring your opponent to see if it actually works. ABM systems are preparation for a third world war. Despite what sheeple units believe, all they do is force your opponent to go big - science fiction big - in his attack strategy. Sure, your ABM might be rated to stop 3 incoming missiles directed at a given target ... so your enemy sends 300.

Nothing is the surest straight line to a new arms race than a marginally effective anti-ballistic missile defense shield. Let's hope these idiots believe their own product propaganda ... I suspect under live testing these systems will be revealed as a colossal tragedy when WW3 starts.

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