Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Globowarmthink is Oprah Winfrey Style Pretend-Think

Globowarmthing is the perfect religion for those who would otherwise have no outlet for their fake sentiments and bogus generic moral outrage at anything and everything. It is tailor made to guide a generation of extraordinary morons into the waiting paternal arms of a draconian world government.

The communist felon Antonio Gramsci hatched this entire scheme and wrote it down in notebooks over a twenty year period of isolation in prison. The reason he could not share a cell with anybody else was his uncontrollable and incurable farting. The irony is that the father of the "global warmthing" environmental hysteria scam, possibly the largest Ponzi scheme in world history, was himself likely inspired by his own lifelong contribution to greenhouse gases. This man smelled methane and sulfur in his cell when he woke up and gagged on it at night when he was settling down to sleep. It makes sense in a kind of crazy marxist way that when the time came to invent the "environmental crisis" that would be used as an excuse to establish totalitarianism, it would be based on the notion that humans sin by simply existing. In Gramsci's case, this was probably true.


pumpy said...

You got it the other way around. Global warming has been acknowledged by leading scientific organizations worldwide but governments are slow to follow. Contrarianthink is the norm, which not surprisingly also argues that there's no such think as peak oil and that the U.S. rules. Mass media supports both by advocating a consumerist lifestyle. In short, global warming is part of the fringe. Gramsci's hegemony consists of consumerist Amerikwanism.

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