Friday, December 7, 2007

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To World War III

Reason is gone, yet the plan to place ABM sites right outside Russia's borders will continue. How odd. It's as if nothing is what we are told it is by the televitz device.

These guys must think the Russians are stupid.

Wrong answer. The Russians are not the stupid ones. A nation pushing a world war with no civil defense program for it's own civilians is the stupid one.

(Hilarious link requires broadband, warning 7 mb .wmv with a lot of cursing)
Times like these with no civil defense program? You have to be kidding.

There isn't going to be any evacuation, either ... if all the bridges fall down.

It's getting hard to even report this stuff. It's all pretty much Monty Pythonesque style biting satire. Service jobs will power our economy for more services. Yeah. That'll happen. Good luck with all that.

America is a doomed nation. It will be destroyed in the space of a single day sometime soon.

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