Monday, December 17, 2007

European Union Finalized Without Representation

The British people rejected it soundly in the referendum - so what? If voting made any difference it would just be made illegal or else ignored. "Referendums" were invented in the 1980's and introduced to the rubes without any explanation of how they were binding under existing law in America, Australia and Europe.

Brown too ashamed of his treason to sign in public with the other supervillains

The European Union will have a supreme ruler elected by the feudal lords of each serfdom without consulting the serfs. This imposed tyranny represents a silent, bloodless destruction of at least 1000+ years of advances in western civilization and a return to the crudest imaginable despotism.

All rights under English Common Law are null and void. They don't exist any longer. The British people will have the freedom to die screaming. Anything else is merely a privilege or ceremonial observance that can be revoked at a moment's whim by their oligarchs.

Why auction off the Magna Charta? I say we burn it. It's all gone now.

North American Union is scheduled next. Watch and see if the Amerikwans can do anything about it. After a year or two of the Depression they're about to go through, they'll be begging for their manacles and leg irons if they come with a loaf of fresh bread.

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