Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Dumbest Mystery Religion of Them All : Secular Humanism

For sheer lack of self-awareness, blind dogma and rabid doctrinal zeal, nobody can touch the secular humanist by a country mile. Their persistent utopian enthusiasm exceeds that of marxism, the Aztecs and druidism ... all faiths which shed rivers of blood on an altar of death. One of the drollest qualities they feature is a glib superficial promotion of nearly all the Christian virtues without ever crediting the source. I say the secular humanist is a fool and a plagiarist as well.

How do I know? I was a secular humanist for sixteen years. A good one, too. I could eat mediocrities like Christopher Hitchens for lunch with the power of my arguments and conviction. Hitchens and Dawkins moved into that dry gulch and declared themselves sheriff only because it had become a ghost town for want of guys like me.

I think of these as the years before my brain actually switched on and began functioning. Seriously. I thought that because I was obviously doing better than the average person that I knew something. The reality is that I knew nothing. Wisdom begins with the fear of God.


andyboots37 said...

You're NOT a secular humanist? Don't you believe that the Bible and evolution are compatible? That's a popular belief of many a secular humanist. Scripture does not support that idea at all. You said fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. What God do you have? It's evidently not the one of the Bible. Even secular humanists have a God. It's self (which is really lucifer's idea). See Genisis (from the creationists Bible of course).

Ice Cream Soldier said...

"Wisdom begins with the fear of God."
Arcane, I posit that you never were a real 'Secular Humanist' (read atheist).
I figure you are dead on about the nuclear preparations and I agree with your paranoia ( it ain't paranoia if they really are out to get you and...they really are out to get you ). I get a kick out of your Titor and 2012 theses but, if you actually believe your own Bible then you know that a real Atheist, according to the Holy Book of God's Fairy Tales, is made by your God and cannot ever believe the fairy tale.
You should really stop playing the part of reformed atheist (worse than a damned reformed smoker) as, according to the Tome you bow before, you could never have been.
"If a being of infinite wisdom wrote the Bible, or caused it to be written, he must have known exactly how his words would be interpreted by all the world, and he must have intended to convey the very meaning that was conveyed....If an infinite being cannot, in making a REVELATION to man, use such words that every person to whom a revelation is essential will understand distinctly what that revelation IS, then a revelation from God through the instrumentality of language is impossible, or it is not essential that all should understand it correctly. It may be argued that millions have not the capacity to understand a revelation, although expressed in the plainest words. To this it seems a sufficient reply to ask, why a being of infinite power should create men so devoid of intelligence, that he cannot by any means make known to them his will?

"We are told that it is exceedingly plain, and that a wayfaring man, though a fool, need not err therein. This statement is refuted by the religious history of the christian world. Every sect is a certificate that God has not plainly revealed his will to man.
To each reader the Bible conveys a different meaning. About the meaning of this book, called a revelation, there have been ages of war, and centuries of sword and flame. ...Is it not infinitely more reasonable to say that this book is the work of man, that it is filled with mingled truth and error, with mistakes and facts, and reflects, too faithfully perhaps, the 'very form and pressure of its time'?"(Some Mistakes of Moses, Robert Ingersoll, Prometheus Books 1986, pp. 89,90,91)

Ice Cream Soldier said...


Isn't it a shame that you have to fear the OMNI-BENEVOLENT, invisible friend you worship for him to love you?

Texas Arcane said...

Bleh. I find all the viewpoints here to be a drag.

Creation science is stupid.

The only worse science is orthodox evolutionary theory, which is even more far out given the revelations of the past ten years due to genetic analysis. If Creationist science is the "Hee-Haw" of the scientific world then Evolutionary Theory would be the scientology of the masses. Both of them don't fit. That hole is neither square nor round, it's another shape altogether.

Dig the critique of my conversion from secular humanism using scripture. That's a legend.

Atheists win by losing. They also lose by losing. Either way, they're losers.

Ice Cream Soldier said...

Then, again, I give you Robert Ingersoll because, and this is a first because I usually can follow your reasoning whether I agree or not, I cannot understand to what you refer when you speak of GOD. You are dismissing everything except YOUR model of GOD.

"To this it seems a sufficient reply to ask, why a being of infinite power should create men so devoid of intelligence, that he cannot by any means make known to them his will?"

""We are told that it is exceedingly plain, and that a wayfaring man, though a fool, need not err therein. This statement is refuted by the religious history of the christian world. Every sect is a certificate that God has not plainly revealed his will to man.
To each reader the Bible conveys a different meaning."

Is your belief from the bible or is it that, like many of us, you find it more fun to be contrary?

How can anyone step back, look objectively at the Invisible friend in the sky who is OMNI EVERYTHING and honestly call ANY other religion or lack thereof a dumb mystery?

My god, man! Listen to what you have just said and then go back and ask yourself what a rational individual should think when confronted with GOD drivel. For that matter, try being a rational individual being assaulted with the God drivel and see what you would think.

andyboots37 said...

Why do you think there is geneology in Genesis? It's a ledger of the first literal man made on the first literal day. And so on and so forth. Understanding this doesn't constitute whether or not you possess the Spirit of God by having received His Son as your Savior. However, having received His Spirit ENABLES you to understand. The Bible says that God's Spirit will lead you into ALL TRUTH. (Linguistically and otherwise). God is not limited. Are you?

P.S.- Jesus died for the Ice cream soldier and if you were the only man He ever made, He still would have went to the cross to take away ALL your sins and give you His life. He loves you guys:)

Ice Cream Soldier said...

Hey ANDYBOOTS37, Genealogy is spelledwith an 'a' not an 'o', I find no genealogy in Genesis, only two separate stories in one, the writer should have chosen one or the other.

Ice Cream Soldier said...

Hey andyboots37, which one of your Genesis' are you referring to? There are two of them. Genealogy is spelled with an 'a', not an 'o' and I find none that doesn't fall apart in either Genesis account.
If you can make it there read down to the section on 'Finally, Atheists' or just skip down there if you are too afraid of the rest.

kochevnik said...

Vault - speaking as an agnostic, high IQ programmer doomer myself - I have been exceedingly curious as to just exactly WHAT it was that convinced you to switch camps from atheist to believer ?

You must have had some blinding enlightenment for it to have affected you so strongly ... what did the trick ?

Texas Arcane said...

I could list one million bullet points now that were the requirements for the universe to produce life, produce it here and nurture and protect it so it didn't get creamed by regular events like Shoemaker-Levy. I'll leave it to you to identify all those "just so" assertions that are necessary for our "random" universe to exist the way it does.

You might hit the lottery for a single day. Would you hit the lottery every day for four billion years? I don't think you would. The anthropic argument ... "well, if we had not hit the lottery every day for four billion years, we wouldn't be here to contemplate it," just didn't graft on me anymore.

Something makes love possible. I expect that something places a very high premium on love to go to so much trouble to create the conditions for it. There's love all around you, maybe you're just not looking hard enough. You're chewing on a moonpie and thinking what a good stroke of fortune it is that you exist. I suspect there may be a little more to it all than that.

I agree with Fred Hoyle on everything. The Universe is a put-up job. It's eternal. There was no cosmic big bang, just a local event. I have seen the curtain moving and I think there is somebody back there ... and I even think randomness itself is one of his whiz-toys and whirligigs. All of this stuff we are told to assume "just is" the way it is stands in testimony to the feeblemindedness of our supposed "best minds" down here. You look at the people touted on the televitz as our best brains, it's a pretty sad lot of frumpy twits. The "wisdom" of man provides God with a huge source of amusement, according to scripture. "Then, you see, some stuff just appeared out of there, developed gravitation and reached the optimum average temperature for the plentiful organic molecules to combine into useful shapes. It all discomboobulated. Trust me, I'm edjumificated and I ride around in a little CGI spaceship on public television."

I think there is someone behind the curtain. I'll let you tell me what sort of creature that is, look at the universe and guess. It isn't just some impersonal throbbing alien brain floating there thinking evil thoughts. It's nice and it likes us down here, which we obviously don't deserve.

andyboots37 said...

Silly atheist. He gets hung-up on a spelling faux pas while being totally oblivious to his eternal destiny of want and wandering.

Kind of ironic being grammatically corrected by someone who writes, "spelledwith" is that a word?, and "...I find none that 'doesn't' fall apart....". How about "...I find none that
don't fall apart... ."

If your hung-up on what account I meant, don't worry about it.

You missed it man.

kochevnik said...

Thanks Vault.

I would have to say I pretty much agree with ALL of that. It's too 'convenient', the number of 'coincidences' so incredible that allow Life to happen. The one that always gets me is ice. Water in it's solid form is perhaps one of the ONLY materials that floats on it's liquid form. Without that one unique property alone there would be no life on Earth.

The difference I have with you (and my father as well), is why the Bible in particular ? If there is a God, why does he come in this particular flavor and not any of the other myriad varieties of religion/faith ?

Texas Arcane said...

You believe in the Oprah Winfrey assertion that all the religions are essentially equal. The only people who say such things are those who are totally unfamiliar with any religion. They'd rather talk like they were above any religion than admit they are too lazy to think much and certainly not read anything without sex scenes or melodrama in it.

I don't see it. I think people vote with their feet. What's coming out of their lips is usually unrelated.

Everybody says everything is equal. The whole world fights tooth and nail to immigrate into the former Christian nations. I don't think it's all so equal. Nobody smuggles themselves into Hindu countries in sea containers in pursuit of the Thuggi dream.

Some say the story of a carpenter's son who gives his life to atone for the sins of mankind is no better or worse than worshipping blue elephants representing cosmic harmony.

I think they should look down, because their feet tell a different story.