Friday, December 28, 2007

The Biggest Enemy of Christianity : The Krisschans

This article says exactly what I've been thinking lately.

Seeing the chief-in-command of boy buggery bandits reduce the role of mankind to mere sanitation police seeking to preserve zebra-skinned salamanders from eczema and other horrors is tantamount to ridiculing the whole of creation. If the human race was fashioned for no other future than chasing nits on a dog's ass to spray them with moisturizing lotion, is it fair to say our logical end is extinction and justly so? These conehead bastards are just cheerleaders for the greenie nihilist death cult like everybody else. Their paradigm is one of death, dissolution and disintegration. They are effectively declaring a universal surrender to entropy on behalf of mankind, which is the complete opposite of the Christian ethic and an abomination of the adamic moral fabric.

Nobody hates God more than the environmentalist and this includes these Catholics and their false church of Lucifer. They seek nothing less than to unwind us from within and spin us into a genocidal orgy of self-destruction.


CadorBolin said...

I once went to a Catholic mass and there were banners which proclaimed "GOD BLESS MULTICULTURALISM" and the sermon sounded like a Marxist-Internationalist propaganda piece.

I predict the Catholic Church will sanction and approve of abortion and homo marriage within 20 years. That will drive out the good parishioners who are blind to the going-ons (like my friends and family, they are good Christians but believe that there is nothing wrong with their Church).

Texas Arcane said...

When their parishioners finally caught on to them after 2000 years, the Catholics decided the best cure for declining attendance and revenue generations was to exterminate their old parishioners and replace them with dumber new parishioners from the third world.

If the Vatican suffered a 50 megger airburst right over the Holy See, that would be a shame. A real shame. I'm sure the angels would truly grieve over the loss of these ass-buggery coneheads dressed in black. A shame it would be.

andyboots37 said...

Watch Dave Hunt's "A Woman Rides the Beast". It'll blow your mind on this subject.