Sunday, December 16, 2007

Are They Planning To Assassinate Ron Paul?

Vault-Co predicted when the uproar got loud enough and they could no longer safely ignore him, they would arrange for a mysterious liquidation of the good doctor. This is why I am not supporting Ron Paul - because I think he is too good a man to hold the office of President of Amerikwa. I don't want him to die. I don't believe in voting and I think it's been a rigged game for the past twenty years. There is no point in a fine man like Ron Paul losing his life for this septic tank nation and I wish he would withdraw from the race like Ross Perot when the elite got to him by threatening his daughter.

Every day when I check Drudge, I expect to see a flashing siren and the banner "RON PAUL DIES SUDDENLY ON CAMPAIGN TRAIL." He's old. It's plausible. That's all they need to get away with it. Do you have any idea how sophisticated poisons are nowadays? A couple drops in his coffee by a smiling Sayanim and he's dead, heart attack, no residual traces of anything.

You don't think they'd do it? They killed 3000+ people at the World Trade Center just to bring America into the war in the Middle East. Do you really expect they will care much about some kindly, good natured senior citizen? Ron Paul is too much like Jimmy Stewart in MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON. The entire system has been closed to real candidates for at least two decades or more. They will never permit Ron Paul to get near the White House. You heard it here before, you're hearing it again now. These people will kill Ron Paul in an instant if they think he has a snowball's chance in hell of interfering with their political aims.


CadorBolin said...

Ron Paul is despised by the establishment. I'm very amused by the Left's reaction to him:

Many of the anti-Ron Paul postings at that site are done by Israel-firsters.

A Ron Paul running against Hillary would make the "peace party" look like raving lunatic war mongers.

So the smears of "racist" and "isolationist" are repeated ad-nauseum hoping that it sticks.

Ice Cream Soldier said...

Actually the easiest way is a little trick that's been used for centuries. In Viet Nam I saw it used twice while escorting certain types to destinations for whatever their jobs were.

It's a ring which has a hollow bowl an a small needle that will project and inject as one shakes hands. Never even feel anything more than an itch and scratching the itch causes whichever poison is used to move that much faster.

They simulate heart attacks, strokes, you name it.

Your tax dollars at work. Ya' just gotta love 'em!

And people wonder why I'm reticent to shake hands.