Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Arctic Sea Ice Freezing At Record Rate

Even this commie green propaganda rag printed the story!

The Maunder minimum approaches.

I wish I could actually see the look on these moron's faces when the superchilled hoarfrost air roars down out of the eye of the continental sized cyclone and freezes them solid in their tracks to use as seed nuggets for glaciation in the approaching Ice Age. I can just imagine their dopey mugs frozen in wide-eyed shock. That would be rich. That moment when it hits them they had no idea of where they were or what the hell was going on around them. Priceless. Even funnier if they were holding their little Bolshevist eco-tips pamphlets in their rigid mitts at that very moment. "Putting a brick in your toilet can help in the fight against climate change." Yes. Of course. Why didn't I think of that?


CadorBolin said...

As far as I'm concerned--global warming should be a benefit. Imagine free heating for the northern hemisphere, why you could even import more third world immigrants who are wary of cold winters and create that multi-culti cosmopolitan cultural stew that the globalists keep harping about at a much more accelerated pace.

They talk of global warming being a catastrophe while at the same time, they're planting flags in the arctic so they can lay claim to the potential deposits of natural gas that may (or may not) lie there. IF THERE IS GLOBAL WARMING, why isn't the market demand for natural gas heating not going down?

Humanity is full of morons who double talk and contradict themselves. When there is high unemployment, there is always some talking head on the dummybox arguing that there is a labor shortage in some specialized field. All bullshit, all the time.

Global warming shouldn't really scare anyone. The consequences for Global cooling are much, much worse. The UK would die freezing in the dark if it could no longer benefit from the North Atlantic current and suddenly had to cope with tundra-like winter conditions.

Anonymous said...

So after a record melt its growing back and thats proof of the coming Ice Age? Yeah right.

-Rzero (comfortably enjoying another winter of above average temperatures)